We are currently welcoming submissions for future editions of Global Ethnographic, an open access online multimedia journal focused on anthropological perspectives. We are interested in 1,000 – 3,000 word essays that draw on first-hand ethnographic fieldwork research, engage with social phenomena in critical ways, and address themes that are of interest to both academics and the general public. We welcome submissions from a range of disciplines and on various topics. For our complete submission guidelines please click here.

The articles we publish reach a broad audience of professionals, students and general readers.  Please send your queries and submissions to editors@globalethnographic.com. The next deadline for submission isJanuary 12th 2014.

In addition to our regular revolving submissions we currently have an active call for papers for a special issue:

Call for Papers – Special Issue ‘Showcasing Mentee-Mentor Teams for Ethnographic Research’

This special issue of Global Ethnographic calls for original papers co-authored by early career researchers (students – Honours, Masters, PhDs – and post-doctoral researchers) in collaboration with established senior researchers who act as their research mentors in formal supervisory or informal mentoring capacities. This issue provides opportunities for disciplinary and cross-disciplinary mentee-mentor teams or pairings to develop and share their emerging research for a broad audience.

The Editorial Team welcomes submissions on anthropological or ethnographic studies from disciplines such as (but not limited to):

International Development

Health & Medical Science

Social Sciences & Humanities

Information Systems & Technology


Creative Arts & Design

Global Ethnographic aims to promote research using anthropological and ethnographic perspectives in a wide range of fields by providing an open access multimedia platform to disseminate current research of scholarly and general interest.

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