As Michael Fischer observed elsewhere on the OAC, Wikipedia coverage for anthropology is dismal in comparison to other disciplines due to lack of participation by anthropologists. As Rex noted at Savage Minds some time ago, the same holds true for Citizendium. Any ideas as to why this might be the case?

Citizendium even has a program, Eduzendium, where they partner with university programs to create high-quality entries by allowing students, under teacher supervision, to write public entries about key terms pertaining to their discipline. This would be a great project for undergraduate anthropology courses.

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Yesterday, an overview of attempts to provide collaboratively written scholarly reference works was given in a blog post entitled Open Access Encyclopedias. Though not free of inaccuracies, it is well worth a read because it goes beyond "Citizendium and Wikipedia" and strives to present the key aspects of each project.

Anyone interested in doing a systematic survey of anthropological content in these and similar projects?

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