2 years of life of OAC, around 5000 members and still ...nothing is going on as before ...Any ideas ? 

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These are interesting ideas, Nathan. Would it possible to start a project like this on a small scale? How big a task would it be? What size of team involved? We have discussed collaborative projects of this sort beofre, but it always comes down to the number of bodies required and the pay off at the end.

Nathan Dobson said:

Also just thinking out loud -

People are busy fighting copyright laws to make books freely available online but there are already a few out there with relevance to anthropology. I was wondering if we could tap into this somehow. For a start we could have a list but there might be more we can do.

It doesn't seem possible to search something like "Capital" using the search on google books and get, for example, an accurate list of all the mentions of "solidarity" but I was thinking along these lines... all the times that Locke writes about _. Some sort of index.

Yeah I was just following Fran's great turn of phrase to "throw it out there and see if it sticks..." but I will be thinking about it when I get some time as I think it has legs... 

Anyone got one of those automatic page turners hanging around so that we can scan loads of anthropology books?

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