Imagining the future of libraries - a practical demonstration

I am currently conducting an experiment to demonstrate the value of hyperlinks.
It consists of turning a hyperlink-free text originally written for a printed magazine (a very inspiring article on the future of libraries) into a document that contains hyperlinks and multimedial content. The conversion takes place in this document that anyone can edit, and I would be glad if some of you would join in.

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Thanks for putting this up, Daniel. The article is already terrific and it's great that readers can add to its reach. I wonder how we might discuss some of the issues raised here.
I want to keep the text intact and only add notes if there are things to be corrected (see examples mentioned on the top of the document). This leaves the webification basically with two questions, which may well serve as a seed for discussing the issues raised in the article:
(1) What is the best link to illustrate a concept? In the many cases of institutions referenced in there, I think that is always the link to their respective homepages, but in many other cases, there are multiple sources, and I am striving to choose the best ones (though not everyone who edited the document so far seems to share this goal).
(2) What would be appropriate non-text media to be added/ embedded? They should add to the value of the article, which is certainly not an easy task.

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