I am trying to find good examples of online ethnographic representation. By this I mean sites devoted to a particular ethnographic study, with rich content such as video, photography, sounds, and text. I'm having trouble finding well designed, up to date examples which make use of the variety of online tools available for publishing such material.

The potential to convey anthropological understanding online in a sensory, immersive way is huge. I hope there are some anthropologists publishing work like this out there.

Grateful for you help!


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"Anthropology by the Wire is a multi-media research project on urban and visual anthropology in Baltimore that is part of a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates grant at Towson University. In this project, students will be conducting research on neighborhoods in Baltimore utilizing anthropological methods through the lens of a public anthropology with a variety of digital media. A sampling of chronological data in the form of videos, photos, audio, links and text posted to this site represent the outcome and mediation of those endeavors."

This might also be of interest (sorry for double post): http://www.innovativeethnographies.net/

I haven't gotten to the level of using a lot of visual aids on my websites, but I've created two text sites that document ethnographic projects:

labikemvmt.org, which is a collaborative history of important moments in the Los Angeles bike movement (my dissertation project was about the idea of bike activists as "human infrastructure" for bicycling there)

seattlebikejustice.com, which has data from interviews with leaders in Seattle's communities of color investigating their thoughts on bikes and public space

And I look to the Asthma Files as a great example of online collaborative ethnography.

Slide 8 of this powerpoint has a number of examples if you click on its links http://kularing.info/2012/12/05/anthropological-fieldwork-workshop-... probably want to check out roderick coovers stuff there

this is also a beauty from a historian friend http://www.opensourceguinea.org/

and i just did a poster of ethgrağhic tit-bits that uses participant driven salience and possibilities to generate tree-maps


These are really fascinating, thanks for all your replies!

I particularly like the way data is presented on http://seattlebikejustice.com/ so easy to get a clear grasp of the project.


- inspired by a video game, bringing together city planning, big brother surveillance and... Instagram :)

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