The Orlando shooting is not and must not be seen as the crime of a muslim but as the crime of a ritualist that follows the rules, established by a repressive socio-economic regime. Homosexuality has been subject to marginalisation suppression and persecution in undemocratic socio-economic contexts that favour extremism as a way of subjugating the population. The repression of homosexual individuals and the prejudice against them has its roots to socio-economic processes. In much of the contemporary muslim world, regulations on homosexual behaviour were established during the process of their westernisation through colonialism, crypto colonialism and post colonial regimes. Homosexual "deviance" is a western capitalist concept that has been reinforced to agricultural or early capitalist non-western settings as an attempt to control populations as it was the case for the West. So next time a homophobic attack takes place let's just look at the mirror instead of trying to trace the differences that we have with the predators as we have much more in common that we want to admit. In the text that follows I discuss the contribution of the capitalist West to classifying people to civilised and "savages", to superior and inferior races and finally to normal and abnormal, fomenting homophobic behaviours and intolerant individuals.

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