African American's Business brings a real meaning to Anthropology and Business connecting. The success of African Americans and ancestors have demonstrated in the United States how ancestors were a influential business men and women in the African Americans' culture. And how society and African Americans connect to their ancestors through the struggling of civil rights for equal rights brought about a connection with society. Society has had connected with African Americans after connecting  their observation about the talent of African Americans and their knowledge from their ancestors who were also educator who had both education and experiences. In addition, African Americans have an unique talent for many business ideas and creation that led nations wanting to learn more about their business drive, entertainment and gain knowledge from their business traits. During recession, African Americans had the highest unemployment rates among all other races but they still pull through what is known as a hierarchy system in which African Americans were placed in a series of levels with different importance and/or status resulting in a high conscious that identifies with their ancestors' struggle leading toward freedom, growth and prosperity. African Americans started to building businesses that drive the economy to work for them like a  profit machines and society to want more information on their business style. The reason for this African Americans Anthropology believes that society and the rational transformation that African Americans made free slavery to freedom leading to equality.  Moreover, the ancestors of African Americans had left a culture of pride, dignity, dedication, and hard work for the African Americans. African Americans had gain knowledge through the experience of Black Struggles and slavery. The hard work of African Americans are in every aspects of life in today's world and continuing a hard drive toward objectives, mission and CRS. 

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