After the elections had coffee outside with the sun of comfort with a friend...buaaahh!!!!!

I was not surprised because I still do not know how well this country do not know the language well, I took the trouble to see each day political debates on TV. What I surprised them was that the scenery was typical of a contest of competition of travel to exotic countries, appliances and lots of easy money after responding to enumerative questions. So were all of them, these poor leaders holding standing behind a lectern while comfortably seated journalists were asking them, and they answered their script.

That surprised me, so the results are more or less of something.

Another thing I talked with my friend is that between the high degree of politicization, the decrepit party structures plus the legitimate theater, something in public life with the songs of security, charity and friendship with the environment joooooooo!!!... as what can you expect?

They were voted, stage actors, cookers, etc. no state managers.

What is the future?

I'm not a magician.

I learned from the Quechua we walk with back to the future, we can only see what happened not what will happen ... but that's a lesson for a society where social ties are crucial to work, that is the inverse of UK, so ?????????

Elsewhere in this coffee talk about the relationships of each day, the absence of reflective elements that can run this society full of barcodes. This mutation in which we have entered, to become androids, even without being, is taking these sides, and dark  that grows and grows. A big marked of absence of self-criticism, an astonishing continuity of guilt-accusation pendulum in never eneding movement.

At the same time we talk about how social sciences seem to be on a sliding tape, the kind to make km without getting anywhere but to the muscles themselves, because too many young people when they are asked why they have chosen, Anthropology, for example, mostly it refers more to the personal rather than the study of the state or society or social relations...

Meanwhile question other things, if the university does not undertake to demystify, as we are with these conferences and seminars where more photos appear in Primark clothes, even their people. As well as depressive or scholars who are more like medieval copyists social researchers in large quantities.

It's a shame, having completed a race to fix problems of a personal nature as for the psychoanalyst's couch.

Will is another form of escape from self and follow always projecting elegantly? Even more than the university will follow the game, and then make a chorus of mourners sliding tapes static muscles to increase the bank card that provides the status quo ... how boring! How sad! So we can see many who know nothing but know going up the slide tape.


By interdisciplinary relationships, anthropology and psychoanalysis should have more frequent appointments to discuss these issues, other things come to light that are still in the darkest dark.

Much more in a country where social ties are unraveled, hanging, frayed, etc...that at macro and micro data can give illustrative get out of the slide film, and has professionals who can also answer your unconscious dimension, out of themselves, out of the charge-guilt-projection, egotism, scheme ... make it consistent work, full of things, really new, with oxí as reproductive within the same discipline ..

It is a heavy period, in which the critical discourse, it is not critical, who says study the other is studied himself and is applauded, and accept what is called "impossible" not because it is but because this attitude is legitimated.

The malaise in the culture by Freud, now includes all this a troubling addition. This will be a time remembered for stealing meanings per second youth that melt each other and do not object to anything. Victorian still only digitilized. Highly stratified, arrogant and overbearing along with the abuse also includes the lack of levees to some undesirable disproportionate human practices.

So for me, it is more surprising to discover recently that this is a pre-freudian society, in which does not recognize the unconscious. And, despite having museum, and great professionals dedicated to the subject also teh social sciences not speak very much about this when a student, goes to the university ... but it seems that was anchored spinal Victorian and will deny, deny, deny ... signed or different color but will deny, deny, deny, ...with different masks..

No surprise,result.

We continue drinking coffee telling jokes to entertain. Then I started to weave plastic bags, as a restful ritual of ties ...

To many people this graphic is new, so they could invalid it...but the big machine of politic know are we going to continue highing under the bed and to denay it? regards, Cecilia

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