"Spellbound" and "Hysteria" two films showing theories of sex and remains with the medical viwe, one very artistic and classical the second a funny documentary about UK

Always trying to learn English, I watch movies in the language, recent and old ones.

During the last week, thanks to the net, I saw two movies related to pschyiocnálysis and society. A very classic "Spellbound" and then "Hysteria" very recent. Both play on its imginary or not, the effects of uncontrolled phobias and exgerated discomfort when are particular cases, or the trite feminine hysteria, how even the same medical practice are subject to the same repression that their patients, being a Victorian era, talking about "paroxysms" instead of "orgasms".

How the missogeny is alwyas under the tensions of attracts and hate feelings and acts and all the behaviers about to relation to women, are under this doble way against always that she become a subject, with consciues or not, because could be not dominated, so the weight fall on the hate inmidiatrly instead of watching another, a woman sombody with own desires...so....well...

The first film in which to Dalí worked with a wonderfull scenegraphie and in the second set and a very good documentary comedy in UK Victorian history that opens the door to ask many more questions about the sociopsicosexual life. Even the continuities in the prsent historical extent to which dominate silent screams or the lives of individuals in social interaction.

He took me to also think of the prologue of Freud's theory of infantile sexuality, published after the Firts World War, where on a page linking social and indiviaduals aspects regarding the warmongering and sexuality in an interesting effect, as well as the and invalidation of many medical knowledge that remain on the surface and escape over rough terrain, but is a matter of discipline, or an individual subject of research? Do we differentiate honestly? Who constats? Setting the intredisciplinarity if nothing of more over I fear is not known, nor is assumed such fear?

For me it is very interesting as Mallinowski, Levi-Strauss, as Foucualt, and even the Bourdieu, read Freud, criticized and yet incorporated it into their points of viwe, many anthropologists they do? Many even accept to be analyze as they do with other people? To what extent will continue with Easter eggs Czechs many jobs today? They are beatifull, fragil, attracs our eyes, they are for to hang on the wall, not to touch very much and of course they are empty.

Human beign it is not only outside.

We are in a fast-paced society that will remain issues not yet addressed from afar and do not know, I would wonder what would happen if the addressed instead of scaremongering by the rapid changes of course are real, but one thing does not remove the other.
Well enjoy the movies. Here let the chips, they are on line the full movie.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spellbound_(1945_film)




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