Tribute -Conference on Levi - Strauss in its 100 years -2008, a psychoanalyst anthropologist is in Spanish.

With a dazzling clarity and pace without being tired perfectly traceable without banalities with a thematic correlation very illustrative between and from Lévi-Strauss authors among Mallinowski, Freud, Lacan, Melanie Klein, Darrida, Faucaoult, etc.

A tribute from psychoanalysis to a transcendental anthropologist, that push me to think, if we could make some time some tribute to others thinkers  from other disciplines?, even to psychooanalysis with the same attitude and rigor? It may reduce this fear so widespread in under more excuses arguments consistent about the discipline, those that show that we know about what we talk? Could be they are and I dont know them. please tell me, I speak Spanish, French and more and less English.



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