The Speculative Futures Slack Group is quickly becoming a great virtual meeting place for those interested in the vast array of fields that use design strategies to explore and interrogate potential and alternative futures, including Speculative Design, Critical Design, Design Fiction, Design Anthropology, Transition Design, Pluriversal Design, and related areas in Strategic Foresight, Futures Studies, and SF Literary genres.

While I've recently updated this group on the Open Anthropology Cooperative, I am aware that it has (unofficially) been archived and may become less than fully-functional at some point. Until then I will continue to update this group for anyone who may come across it to learn about more diverse and inclusive forms and understandings of design anthropology then are currently represented on the internet.

I vastly prefer this platform over the basic forums on the new site and I do not plan on signing up or transferring any of this group over, but the Speculative Futures Slack Group is a platform that I am already active on if anyone is interested in what may become of the work that I've started here. You can find out more and join at

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