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Migration within South America 3 Replies

Started by Rafael Lasevitz. Last reply by Mateus Amoedo Zani Jul 12, 2011.

research project on African Youth Diaspora in Lisbon (help)

Started by Devitofrancesco Alessandra Jan 16, 2011.

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Comment by Cecilia Montero Mórtola on January 10, 2014 at 9:23pm


Being young in Europe, Americ Altina Africa , Asia, ocenia always know
It is almost impossible to reduce to age and that is horribly manipulated by various sectors by the idea of looking to future classes in power very controversial category.
It seems wise to rethink gently by scientists and social relationships with youth in Spain and when she comes out of this story has to do 20 years ago, what social and economic significance has to read the messages that address different sectors or who have formulated the issue ..
... because change just by looking that the current ethnographic looks and not served on a platter to the government in one moment the scientific analysis, what  is done at the end useless for that.


Comment by Cecilia Montero Mórtola on January 10, 2014 at 9:23pm


This blamer to other very national sport, as old from the Cid, Franco perfected and democracy conceals but practiced without mercy, has a tail in the relentless production masters all immortalizing a student that the Bologna Plan stopped( without also wanting it ) , and it had no other function than to hide the high number of youth unemployment .. among other unproductive Spanish populist parodie.
but again we are with the "youth educated ? ? ... figure and why not?
Who measured the age? the calsifications?, And when we are not so young that we're on the street because the doors closed by cuts in health and education, not to be mentioned research that already had a ballast 15 years at least or as a whole group who went to the street because the company that had hired them earlier was the new political party and had another ?
There are also migration undermines all this and the message of the adventurers also seeks to hide noise.
Globalization pushed hundreds of thousands of Latinos to Spain , and Africans, are now in the rest of Europe . I know entire families who have migrated to London and people with children every day in facebook asks for help to go north , supposedly rich ...!
It is true , moreover, that the current migration phenomena lack adequate categories for its features and speed in which new technologies are included along with the deterioration of the state of welfare. Also a distinguishable element , an effervescent activity, in terms relative durkhemnians of the protests, and that social networks are gaining increasing prominence in front of the expiration of institutions such as trade unions and political parties, including the concept of civil society to redefine .


Comment by Cecilia Montero Mórtola on January 10, 2014 at 9:22pm


Yesterday I received two newspaper articles, in addition to many other circulating specific about the Spanish crisis, youth migration , ...
Interestingly, the speed with which produces digitized sociaológics classification categories become almost unquestionable , very still again , so as bringing immediate authority and despite being serious work and academic production because also lose the historical perspective, current events reducing everything to a relationship withtechnology or just the quota for the crisis lefting behind another important aspects.
The Spanish migration is rooted in a clear overall deterioration of the status of the general welfare but entirely necklace always had almost unemploy highest rate in Europe . Job insecurity and a democracy that, as agreed in silence over the most destructive crimes covering an economy inflated by EU budget .. which eventually were consumed at parties, cars , weddings, airport without airplanes , books new years covers many years circulating and above all, maintain a quiet youth, bribed and flattered the senses , either silent .. the embezzlement ended that phase.
Many people were wondering , when there are more people in Spain with 45 who lives with their parents but have a car , travel, consume shirts and bags , what means being young?
The videos circulating of emigration , even encouraged by the government , both : Central Catalan and demonization as indicating, " adventurous" or "go to London to be a waiter  " is nothing more, nor less than the generational ACCOUNTABILITY dont want to assume that more 60% of"youths" are unemployed ... shame on them ! .
Comment by Cecilia Montero Mórtola on January 10, 2014 at 9:20pm
Comment by Emanuel Valentin on August 19, 2011 at 2:47pm

Dear all,


for all of you interested in the topic migration, social and ritual change I would like to announce you the publication of my anthropological study on Sicilian migrants in Germany:


Emanuel Valentin
Il santo emigrato
Ritual und sozialer Wandel bei sizilianischen Migranten in Deutschland
Reihe: EuroMed - Studien zur Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie des euromediterranen Raumes
Bd. 8, 2011, 216 S., 19.90 EUR, br., ISBN 978-3-643-90074-6


Kind regards,
Emanuel Valentin

Comment by Libertad Mora on July 26, 2011 at 1:22am


En México se va realizar el tercer coloquio de migración internacional con el tema: "Las migraciones regionales y extra-regionales en, hacia y desde Latinoamérica y el Caribe: entre el mito y la realidad" a realizarse en San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, los días 9, 10, 11 de noviembre.


Comment by Anna Horolets on June 13, 2011 at 4:35pm
My collegues from the University of Iceland are organizing a conference on migration, please see the conference web-site for more details:Migration Conference
Comment by Damla Yazar on January 22, 2011 at 1:14pm
A Salut Elena; je vais bien merci. j'espere que tout va bien de ta part. je viens juste de voir ta commentaire, oui je suis toujours interressé on diaspora et la langue, merci, je t'enverrai un e-mail.
Comment by Damla Yazar on November 11, 2010 at 12:53am
I am interested in language and diaspora issue, and i should prepare a homework on this subject. Are there anybody who can advise me some writers interested on this subject?

Thank you
Comment by Ana Bravo-Moreno on November 8, 2010 at 10:01pm

Para presentar una comunicación, por favor, enviad vuestro resumen a: abravo@ugr.es

PÁGINA WEB DEL CONGRESO: http://migraciones.ugr.es/congreso2011



Coordinadora: Dra. Ana Bravo Moreno (Universidad de Granada)
Ponente invitada: Dra. Rossella Ragazzi (Tromso University)

Resumen: La Mesa Temática explorará los elementos emocionales que acompañan y condicionan los procesos realizados por los niños y jóvenes hijos de inmigrantes en sus trayectorias de incorporación a las instituciones de la sociedad receptora, que en los casos de reagrupación familiar incluyen la re-incorporación a sus propias estructuras familiares tras periodos de separación y en situaciones nuevas. En este sentido, se abordarán cuestiones relacionadas con el impacto que estas experiencias y su tratamiento en las escuelas puede tener según cómo se plantee su consideración y tratamiento. La mesa quiere estimular la presentación de investigaciones que exploren estas subjetividades desde metodologías innovadoras (participativas, audiovisuales, proyectivas, etc.).

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