Please post any questions/problems regarding the OAC Archive (Wiki) here.

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The "gain access to the wiki" link under the OAC archive tab shows a 404 page - how do I find out the super secret password to the new wiki?

The new Wiki looks great.

I just thought I'd provide this link to Wikidot's documentation which provides all the syntax codes for editing the wiki, such as inline formatting, setting tables of contents, images, linking, etc.

Denice, the gain access sub-tab is now active.
Carole, you still are not listed as a member of the Wiki, so we need to fix that. Try going to the main page of the Wiki, select "Join this site", and there should be a section on the lower left for people who already have Wikidot accounts (which I assume you do).

If you continue to have trouble, we should just open up a Ning chat window and I can try to walk through it with you.




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