Displaying relatively unobtrusive ads enables Ning to remain a free service. If you'd like to stop seeing ads on the web, there are various browser-related tools and third-party software options to make them disappear. Most provide options to hide ads all the time, some of the time, or on specific sites. Remember that sites which display ads to remain free or to cover their operating costs benefit from pay-per-click advertising. Remaining free, in turn, benefits site members and the web as a whole.

This is a quick and easy re-write of an earlier, more comprehensive How-To on removing ads that was lost when a departing member's threads were deleted. Please respond with additional reviews or information, as these are just the most immediate suggestions I could think of.

Firefox: The best extension for removing ads quickly, easily and with simple customization options is AdBlockPlus. Fast installation here.

IE7-8(?): I am not an IE user, but a quick Google search brought up the following third-party solutions. Adblocking software: Admuncher or Adblock Pro. See also: Quero Toolbar, "a navigation bar replacement with integrated ad blocker for Internet Explorer". I haven't tested any of these and have no feedback or ability to troubleshoot. Maybe an IE user can suggest something?

Google Chrome: I have used AdSweep on Chrome and Opera in light browsing and it worked fine. "AdSweep is a user javascript that defines CSS rules based on the web site you are visiting to hide elements of the page that show advertisements." Scroll down at the above link for installation instructions which, if the preceding sentence did not make sense to you, might only be suitable for intermediate-advanced users.

Alternatively, Privoxy for Chrome blocks ads by blocking their servers. See link for brief instructions.

Opera: AdSweep.

Safari (Mac): A brief Google search brought up these alternatives: PithHelmet and SafariBlock. I have not tested these or verified their source, so links are for information only. There may also be an ABP for Safari.

Please research any/all of the suggested items before downloading/installing. Make sure you check your browser and file versions for compatibility and verify all download sources as usual.

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