What the OAC is about and what members can do here have now been posted under the tab "About". This thread will continue to be a place to discuss its contents and implications. The tab also provides contact information for the administrators, but any discussion of their role may as well continue uner the "Admins" thread.

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I agree that world state should go. My notion of the synthesis would include the digital divide, but thanks for suggesting that this might be made more explicit.
That is great thanks. Do you think "We encourage initiatives using languages other than English" is conveying what you wanted to convey?

"The OAC is for all of you to explore and elaborate": Could "you" be replaced with "us or participants"? And"... explore, elaborate and "add"? Something of that sort to make the openness to new forms, content or initiative above operating the within already existing tools more explicit?

Sorry to be a nuisance, Jeremy I know that you liked it but I feel the group photo does not invite me at all. I do not need to list the associations it creates in me. I think it is enough that I say "it does not feel very "open" and inviting to me". What do you think?
I like this statement and I agree with the earlier amendments. I appreciate the suggestion for the OAC to be international, interdisciplinary and open to non-academics. The line, "such a project depends on making full use of the emerging social and technical synthesis entailed in the digital revolution" should stay. We are here because of new technologies and I think that this is an important part of our purpose. I hope the OAC can make explicit the recognition of a concept of a digital divide (or several divides) and also hope to overcome them, in a way that is suited to anthropologists and anthropology.

Where is the group photo?
Ah right, cheers.
Jeremy, I thought your suggestion was right; not to remove the sentence, but expand the sentiment and make it more inclusive. I was just reiterating. :)

Jeremy Trombley said:
I wasn't suggesting the removal of the "digital revolution" line - if it came across that way, I apologize. I was just suggesting that we add something about non-digital distribution and collaboration techniques. I'm still not sure what this will entail (though, I plan on looking into it soon), but it would be nice if we could eventually overcome our digital divide.
Everyone seemed to like the colorblock image, but I felt it possibly spoke of division more than unity, because of those glaring monoliths representing the UK and US, even though that was the geographic reality. I've had a request to make a new one when we hit 1000 members. Maybe that will be more balanced ...

Anyway if anyone wants to play around with it, here's a version with no country labels:

Carole McGranahan said:
Group photo/image is on the first page of the OAC Policy Group.
Also, its solely the image for this group, not for the OAC overall. One image that has been suggested as the OAC logo is the colorblock geographic distribution image Fran made; its posted to the "photos" section.
I think it is good to keep in mind what Carole said "Also, its solely the image for this group, not for the OAC overall".

I understand that it is indirectly about the whole group but one can think in terms of "activity" rather than the "collectivity" thinking about the logo/image/photo whatever it will be. It can be a the phrase itself "policy forum" in circle or something like that.

ps:I was the one who confused people writing "photo" at first, I should say image/logo



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