India's Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh seems to be consistent in his stand on the Vedanta issue. Check this out:
While we know that mainstream politics in India is about a lot of double-speak, this is where we can build synergies and unite for the common cause. Can we not demand the CEC report in the public domain through RTI? Can we anthropologists in India mediate a process by which people can make environmentally informed choices and understand the need for cultural survival. Calling for ideas. This shameless violation by Vedanta must stop.

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Do you mean cultural violation?

You might be interested to read the selection of short articles on the theme of indigenous India in the most recent issue of the newsletter of the International Institute of Asian Studies, available online at:

Indigenous India
16 - 17 Indigeneity as a cultural practice: ‘tribe’ and the state in India -Markus Schleiter / Erik de Maaker
18 ‘Tribes’, tradition and state -Virginius Xaxa
19 'You know, we are Indians too!': Tribal displacement and violent encounters with a 'blind' state in Andhra Pradesh -Bert Suykens
20 - 21 The rise and fall of 'tribal' development in Orissa -Prasanna Kumar Nayak
22 - 23 Between nurture and neglect: providing welfare to the Ongees of Little Andaman Island -Vishvajit Pandya
24 - 25 Taking root in Bangladesh: states, minorities, and discourses of citizenship -Ellen Bal
26 Indigenous identity: burden or liberation? Reflections on ‘adivasi’ politics in Kerala -Luisa Steur



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