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The Franz Boas Papers

Some of you might be excited to hear/know about the The Franz Boas Papers Project! Our inaugural volume 1 is out from Nebraska press. We're…

Started by Joshua Smith

0 Sep 25, 2015

Why has anthropology shifted from discovery and explanation to moralism and advocacy?

From its inception, from the 19th century efforts, from the modern founding works of Boas, Radcliffe-Brown, and Malinowski, anthropology st…

Started by Philip Carl SALZMAN

17 Feb 24, 2013
Reply by Rebekah

Why do anthropologists only write for each other?

I'm doing some research on anthropology's audiences. It seems to me that most writing with anthropological content is written by anyone but…

Started by Erin B. Taylor

26 Feb 4, 2013
Reply by Erin B. Taylor

Producing academic scholarship: If universities are failing, where else do we go?

I recently commented on the Australian Anthropological Society mailing list that universities seem to be fast becoming the worst places to…

Started by Erin B. Taylor

26 Dec 28, 2012
Reply by Anita Sandall

How is anthropology shaped by a competitive educational market?

Hello This might be of interest to you. Just to let you know of a short-term project that is intended to provide quick debate over the ne…

Started by Jonathan Newman

2 Apr 20, 2010
Reply by Jonathan Newman

Does anthropology have a unified perspective?

BDwyer said, "anthropology is such a broad church with no really unified perspective - some see it as inherently political emanating out of…

Started by Philip Carl SALZMAN

7 Mar 26, 2010
Reply by Valerie Feria Isacks

The ethnography of anthropologists

As an undergrad enthralled by these eccentrics who did this thing called ethnographic fieldwork, which usually sounded like one helluva an…

Started by Piers Locke

36 Dec 18, 2009
Reply by Ranjan Lekhy

Women anthropologists

Women are playing a growing role in anthropology, as both students and professors. How is this affecting the field in terms of topics and a…

Started by Philip Carl SALZMAN

15 Nov 4, 2009
Reply by John McCreery

Should anthropology merge with sociology, history, political science, and other social studies?

Now that the separate disciplines have had the opportunity to develop and mature, is it time to consider a merging into a unified social sc…

Started by Philip Carl SALZMAN

11 Oct 22, 2009
Reply by Paul Wren

Is anthropology cumulative? If so, how? If not, why not? Should it be cumulative?

John McCreery said, "My biggest disappointment [in anthropology] is the lack of cumulative knowledge-building. Our history is littered with…

Started by Philip Carl SALZMAN

7 Sep 9, 2009
Reply by John McCreery



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