This might be of interest to you.

Just to let you know of a short-term project that is intended to provide quick debate over the next month and then a possible virtual workshop. Its on another ning network so its easy to get to.

One of the issues that it looks at is how the taught subject of anthropology, and also anthropological research, is shaped by economic demands. 

Full details can be found at http://teachinganthropology.ning.com/  where there is also a report (under the tab menu 'Project Details' as "What you say is going on") which provides different perspectives on the challenges that are presented by teaching anthropology and remaining financially viable.

In the Forum (under the 'Discuss' tab) there is space for everyone to contribute. So please have your say. 

Interestingly one anthropology student has contributed to the debate saying that the discussion was the first time that he had seen the cultural environment (and its socio-economic demands) in which anthropology is taught.

There is also a more informal forum space for letting off steam.

Thank-you for your time

Jonathan Newman

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Read through some of the documents on your Ning network. Fascinating stuff!
Thanks Jacob. I agree it is interesting. I'd be interested in your perspective. Looking at your profile you are based in the States and I haven't spoken to anyone there yet so I'd be interested to see how your experience converges and departs from what is happening in the UK and Commonwealth. If you have time post your reply up at http://teachinganthropology.ning.com/forum/topics/the-review-what-y...

To see the main document that Jacob is referring to then navigate from the previous link or go directly from this link. From there click 'return to homepage' to see the rest of the site.

Jacob Lee said:
Read through some of the documents on your Ning network. Fascinating stuff!



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