I find concept/mind maps infinitely more efficient than linear notes, they even improve the capacity for brainstorming and systems-level thinking. The following are concept maps that I created while taking ANT252 - Cultural Anthropology at North Carolina State University. The text being used (and which the page numbers reference) is "Invitation to Anthropology, third edition" by Luke Eric Lassiter:

Ch.1 - Evolution & The Critique of Race

Ch.2 - Anthropology and Culture

Ch.3 - Ethnography

Ch.4 - History, Change, and Adaptation: On the Roots of Our World System

Ch.5 - Sex, Power, and Inequality: On Gender

Ch.6 - Work, Success, and Kids: On Marriage, Family, and Kinship

Ch.7 - Knowledge, Belief, and Disbelief: On Religion

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