Recommendation: Claude Lévi-Strauss: A Return to the Amazon by Dr.Marcelo Fiorini

As a student anthropologist we begin to hear names repeatedly in lectures and seminars, what names they may be may depend on where we're studying and who we're studying under. For alot of us from there grows a concern that we must know these anthropologists well. That process is often daunting because the more classical scholars (Bronislaw Malinoswki, Franz Boas, Clifford Geertz, Marcel Mauss, E.E Evans-Pritchard, Raymond Firth and many more, please accept my apology if you feel I've missed any out) write in a manner some find difficult to read.
I was lucky enough to attend an open lecture last night by Dr.Marcelo Fiorini who has a list of academic credentials far longer than my arm, presenting a film about both his and Levi-Strauss's experience amongst the Amazonian Nambikwara.
I recommend this film highly to students and learned Anthropologists alike because it is a beautiful film, it was well done from a technical standpoint and highly interesting to watch from any perspective. But as a student it was especially enjoyable because it contained interviews with Levi-Strauss about his experiences and feelings on his fieldwork there in the 1930's. This film, for me, made the name I hear so often a reality, it made him human and thus far less daunting as a subject of study.
I believe the film is only currently available in French but will be released for English speakers in due course.

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