How To Create A New Group

Please note that there are now over 100 groups on the OAC. It would therefore be advisable to browse the group pages before creating a new one to avoid doubling up on the same subject. You can view a full A-Z group index at the OAC Archive wiki.

Follow the steps below to create a new group. Remember that all OAC groups should be public (see below).

  • To create a new group, go to the Groups tab and click the link at the top right of the page to "Add a group."

  • Next, fill in information about your group. Give your group a name and be sure to upload a group image that's roughly square in size. Fill out a description for your group, which members will see when looking for groups to join.

You might want to add a URL to an auxiliary website, such as a group page that you've established on the OAC Archive wiki, or something directly related to the subject matter of the group. Personal pages or blogs should not be added to the group simply to self-advertise.

  • In the right side of the page, choose which features your group will have. You can add a comment wall, discussion forum, text box, and RSS reader to your group.

Important: The OAC is committed to keeping all aspects of this site open and available for public participation. We therefore request that when creating a new group, you select the default Privacy option to allow "Anyone" to view and join your group, without moderating its membership. If you do not select this option, your group may be subject to deletion by one of the administrators.

If you have already mistakenly created a group with moderated membership, it is not possible to modify the privacy settings. The only option is to delete it (the entire group) and create it again as a public group. If you choose to do this with an active group, please be aware that all of the existing forum posts, comments and other content on the group page will be deleted, so back up your information accordingly and inform your group members before deleting their comments and posts.

  • Click "Add Group" and your group will be added to the social network.


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