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The liberal scholars and professors who stifle conservative voices on university campuses and unwelcome conservative thinkers. The LGBT activists who focus more on the festive spectacle of their identity politics than on the economic side of it. The social policymakers who use…

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Industrial-Scale Ethnography: An Unfinished Project in Search of a Team

I have been invited to give a talk on March 13 at the Institute of Technology, Academia Sinica, in Taiwan, where, it appears, I am now regarded as an anthropological elder. Fair enough, given my age and the fact that my dissertation research was conducted in Puli, a market town in the exact center of Taiwan, in 1969-1971. Trying to pull together my thoughts about what I might talk about, I have drafted the following proposal. Any and all feedback will be…


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If we dont see for what we! Spanish article EL PAIS

This as the impact of neoliberalism within ALL sciences and plugging people, therefore, can hardly be changes that benefit humanity but only be the distraction of a group that is disconnected from the world and their needs as real desires. A group that stands up and spends itself, boasts of possessing a knowledge with an inabordable engerimiento that is only a smokescreen at the service of collective obstruction to knowledge. But the curtain falls, as so many nonsense are falling, precisely…


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Sounding the Last Post-- Goodbye!

Talking Anthropology on the Open Anthropology Cooperative (ning--this website) has been a lot of fun, but all good things come to an end and this will be my last post. The reasons are entirely practical, though not impersonal. OAC here (there is another highly successful and vibrant OAC group on Facebook), has come to the end of what it can reasonably achieve. This website is full up with interesting, but chaotically ordered content and points of contact. It is really a massive hammer to…


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Unforgettable; BIKO 12.09

one version film about  his role

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Non-Linguistics of Silenceme: Lalon

Non-Linguistics of Silenceme: Lalon

Translated from Bangla Article:…

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Creative Cogito and Disturbed Corporeal

Creative Cogito and Disturbed Corporeal


This paper is on the refutation of “scientific” notion of creative speaking/hearing subject with zero history a la Chomsky or rather on the falsification of this metanarrative of “ideal” speaker-hearer. The counter-hypothesis, in a nutshell, describes the correlation between empty linguistic organism and…


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Use of Documentaries in the Teaching of Anthropology

I am conducting an online survey about college-level anthropology instructors’ use of primate documentaries in the teaching of anthropology. This is part of my dissertation research, which examines how non-human primates are portrayed in documentaries. The purpose of the survey is to examine the use of nature documentaries,…


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New Deadline for Abstract Submission, 30th May

Crossing Borders Conference in Lesbos 7-10th of July

Visit our fb page for updates

and visit our website forinstruction on how to submit a paper

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Environmentalism and Secularism in the context of an urban protest in Istanbulİlk_ve_en_önemli_çevreci_Environmentalism_and_Secularism_in_contemporary_Istanbul_._Proceedings_from_the_International_Conference_Myths_of_the_Others_in_the_Balkans_representation_social_practices_and_performances_

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Environmental protests in Turkey before Geziöy_anti-bridge_campaign_in_Istanbul

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"The Syrian regime with military help from Russia regime" are back in control of beautiful Palmyra. This success of one "of the vilest regimes on Earth" is not result of any particular British, French, Italian,American or Western policy... How could it be ? Was Palmyra a moral and cultural catastrophe of the West indeed? May be  Neobarbaric…


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Open Access on Steroids!

Talk about open access.  Just came across this reference to Sci-Hub on the OAC Facebook page.  For those who haven't noticed it: ;

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