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Parents and Their Children

If you teach a course on family and are looking for stereotype-busting material on parent-child relationships, you might consider these photographs of Japanese parents and children from Bruce Osborn's Oyako series. (via Majirox News).

How many of them seem typical of what you imagine parent-child relationships should be? Why? Or why not? What is the visual evidence on which you base your…


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Explanation's Three Dimensions

One of OAC's most active recent threads has built on the notion of a web of explanations. Introducing this notion, M. Izabel observes that no single theory ever seems adequate as an explanation of the phenomenon to which the theory is being applied. Thus, "A web of theories is what is needed to get to…


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Do you know e-flux?

A moment of serendipity. Over on Savage Minds, a debate about academic publishing is the topic de jour. That debate is an offshoot of a wider debate spurred by an article by George Monbiot in the Guardian. The Zite Reader on my iPad shows me a fabulous article "…


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