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You've heard about modeling, sounds interesting, but you aren't a programming Ninja

Help is at hand. Check out Gene Bellinger's Insight Maker. It's Web-based, it's free, you can play with it by yourself or with friends or colleagues.Think of it as a mind map where the pieces interact.If you are a programming Ninja, you may find the models too simple. But it's plenty sophisticated enough to provide instructive entertainment for the rest of us. 

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Life after the Ph.D.

With a tip of the hat to Ryan Anderson, who posted the following on Savage Minds.

Check out this interview with Sarah Kendzior about life after the PhD. A lot to think about. And a lot that many people do not want to talk about. Here’s my favorite quote: What I realized during my year on the job market is that having a traditional academic career is not as important to…


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Can we think productively about memes?

A tweet from Biella Coleman, led me to Limor Shifman, Memes in a Digital World: Reconciling with a Conceptual Troublemaker.  I must say that I like the way Shifman thinks, asking how we could sort this [memes] out in a useful way. Instead, that is, haggling over definitions and why memes aren't genes (no, duh).

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