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On the move

I was once starting a flight from Paris to Chicago, two of my favourite cities. I put on the headset, but I was reading a magazine and didn't look at the screen. They were running the usual stuff -- sitcoms, news, sports. Suddenly I became aware that I was tapping my foot to the music. It was an ad, but my foot got going and I realised I was on my way to America, the land where the music moves forward. It was an American Airlines… Continue

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Kant's Anthropology

Each of us embarks on a journey outward into the world and inward into the self. Society is mysterious to us because we have lived in it and it now dwells inside us at a level that is not ordinarily visible from the perspective of everyday life. All the places we have lived in are…

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Mintz on Haiti

Huon Wardle has posted a memoir by Sidney Mintz, Remembering Haiti: lessons from the field, on two Group threads devoted to that country, here and… Continue

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Starting a blog

"The distinctive feature of our age is that mankind as a whole is on the way to becoming fully conscious of itself." (C.L.R. James).

I saw a Nora Ephron movie the other night, about a young New Yorker who starts a foodie blog based on working her way through Julia Childs' French cook book, with Meryl Streep as Childs writing the book in Paris fifty years before. I realized that I had never done a blog in that sense,… Continue

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