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For the design and business anthropologists among us

Grant McCracken has an interesting take on design thinking and why it needs better ethnography to realize its promise up on Fast Company. The comments include my question for Grant. How can ethnography, with its focus on what is and has been stimulate the designer's imagination instead of becoming an obstacle to it.


I think of a remark I heard at EPIC in Tokyo in 2010, when one…


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Thoughts on Group Activity

Today, I was startled to see on the OAC home page the following statement. 

Winner of the “most active group award”: Dynamical Processes on Complex Networks.

As one of the three active members of this group, I would like to compliment our founder Johannes Castner…


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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fundraiser

Today, when I checked into OAC, I noticed that someone kicked in $25 to the fundraiser. Thank you, whoever you are.

As I watch us struggle to raise what is, after all, a pitifully small sum of money, I recall a time, a few years ago, when I was, for my sins, International Vice-Chair of Democrats Abroad, the branch of the U.S. Democratic Party that gets out the vote among U.S. citizens living overseas. One of the prerogatives of the office was serving, ex officio, on the Democratic…


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