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The Anthropology Song: a viral video for people like us?

Thanks to Kerim and Savage Minds for Dai Cooper's Anthropology Song.

Watch it, sing along and pass it on. Check out Daionisio's channel too.

And now the interview (courtesy antropologi.info):

Maybe nobody has better explained what anthropology is all about. "I… Continue

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New Issue of Museum Anthropology Review Published

The editors and staff of Museum Anthropology Review are pleased to announce the publication of the journal's latest issue, 3(2). Publication of the issue is timed to coincide with the celebration of Open Access Week. Thanks go to the authors,… Continue

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Resisting Corporate Enclosure in Scholarly Communications

Members of the OAC concerned with questions and issues in scholarly communication may find an essay that I have recently written of interest. In it, I suggest 5 basic steps that scholars can choose to undertake to diminish the corrosive influence of for-profit scholarly publishing relative to not-for-profit publishing of several kinds. One need not be an advocate for open access publishing to see value in the proposition that we are harming ourselves by freely giving our time, labor, and… Continue

Added by Jason Baird Jackson on October 18, 2009 at 3:03am — 12 Comments

Oral History: Oia mentar la hacienda San Agustin

Este libro recoge los testimonios de los pobladores de la Ex hacienda San Agustín. Quienes provienen de diversos lugares del Perú "la historia de trabajo, solidaridad, conflictos, discriminación, explotación, sueños y logros, leyendas y mitos, de una localidad que va a desaparecer en aras de la modernidad que se impone de manera desigual en nuestras sociedades.

Visita:… Continue

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the drum circle diaries: defense mechanisms

a story from my fieldwork on the Venice Beach drum circle, cross-posted from my blog, Praxis Mundi

"They say that they're celebrating the sunset..." said the cop.

He surveyed his handiwork, struggling to keep the smugness from corrupting his professional demeanor. As we spoke, the broken multitudes milled aimlessly, faces wiped of expression. There was an occasional angry glance at the three… Continue

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Evala Kaybe Togo Male Rites of Passage 2007

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do creationists have well thought out arguments against evolution?

I'm troubled here, I've was raised Christian/ Catholic for half of my life. And when I started to think logically i couldn't find points that seemed well thought out nor seem legitimate in showing that creationists knew that evolution isn't true. i might be thinking this too hard, or I'm accidentally being closed minded. I really want to know what are the main Creationist positions. I want to know how they support them. I want to know this so i can know the other point of view--not to argue… Continue

Added by Robert Garcia on October 4, 2009 at 2:00am — 8 Comments

Well Know Travel Blogger Andy of HoboTraveler.com

Andy HoboTraveler.com Travel Journal

Top 10 National Geographic Adventure
Top 10 Budget Travel
Top 5 Forbes.com
Blah blah blah

Read complete Bio Page

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