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If we dont see for what we work....um! Spanish article EL PAIS

This as the impact of neoliberalism within ALL sciences and plugging people, therefore, can hardly be changes that benefit humanity but only be the distraction of a group that is disconnected from the world and their needs as real desires. A group that stands up and spends itself, boasts of possessing a knowledge with an inabordable engerimiento that is only a smokescreen at the service of collective obstruction to knowledge. But the curtain falls, as so many nonsense are falling, precisely…


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Unforgettable; BIKO 12.09


one version film about  his role http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq4VjE0_AVQ

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Anthropology of Recycling; Seminar LA DEUXIÈME VIE DES OBJETS : SÉMINAIRE NOMADE


Séminaire animé par Nathalie Ortar (Chargée de recherche MEDDE, LET/ENTPE) et Elisabeth Anstett (Chargée de recherche CNRS, IRIS)

Pour la cinquième année de son fonctionnement et dans le prolongement de la publication du premier opus de l’atelier « La deuxième vie des…


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Ethnocentrism and double hole in the skull ;)

From the fieldwork diary....comments

Years, and years observing how anthropologists dont take the jump into the reallity of Indigenous people about laws, rights, social changes, specific basic features of the history of the context, and go to the field to do their job like the homework for the school but in this case for the university...

I dont know if its come from the low academic teaching each time less reflexive exercises, weak and with a lot of "pieces of…


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OAC Press



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