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No funding? Don't Go!! (on getting a PhD in anthropology)

Well, it’s that time of year when prospective grad students around the country are anxiously pacing around their mailboxes waiting for responses from all the PhD programs they applied to.  Many are wondering who accepted them, who rejected them, and, of course, if they got funding.  That’s the big question.  Getting a full-funding offer is the highest mark of acceptance and application success.  It’s like getting the golden seal of academic and departmental approval.  It means you’re…


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Seeking contriutions for anthropologies issue about anthropology & war!!

Hey everyone, just a quick post here to let everyone know that we are still looking for contributions to the next issue of anthropologies.  This issue focuses on the relationship(s) between anthropology and war:


Let me know if you're interested in taking part.  Word range is generally between 500-1500, and the deadline is July 20.  We will…


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Anthropologies CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The neoliberalized, debt-plagued, low wage, corporatized university (and what can be done about it)

Hey OAC folks,

So the next issue of anthropologies is about the serious problems we are facing in academia and the university system.  The goal of the issue is to highlight some of the problems, and also open up a space to explore solutions, new ideas, or alternatives.  Here's a link to the call for submissions:


Deadline for Submissions: JAN…


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Anthropology, Politics, and #OWS (in light of recent events at UC Davis)

When I see videos like this:

...it makes me think about the borders between academia and politics. Specifically, I'm thinking about anthropology. I don't think that anthropology can be defined in any one way, and I certainly don't think that the discipline (in its many manifestations) is some sort of political party. I don't think that's what…


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Anthropologies #7: Anthropology with PURPOSE

Hey everyone!  So, the 7th issue of the online project "anthropologies" is live. Take the time to check it out, and feel free to post your thoughts, comments, and reactions here at the OAC and over there as well.  Also, check out some of the upcoming themes--if you are interested in taking part in a future issue, let me know.  Here's what's in this issue:



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anthropologies Issue 1: What is anthropology?

The first issue of the new project "anthropologies" is up!  Thanks to Alyson O'Daniel, Megan Maurer, David Picard, Stacie Gilmore, and Keith Hart for helping me get this first issue up and running.  Check it out and (more importantly) comment and post your responses to the conversation.  This is definitely meant to be a project that invites collaboration, participation, and input--so fire away.  Things get most…


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Notes about Greg Grandin's "The Last Colonial Massacre"

There is one overarching theme that crops up in these readings that I can’t stop thinking about: democracy. I have read several histories and ethnographies that talk about US interventions and policies in Latin America, and the stories are usually pretty similar. This book by Greg Grandin provides more of the same: the US took a position on Guatemala that was completely anti-democratic, all in the name of democracy.


Grandin writes about this…


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New project in the works - "anthropologies"

Ideas abound. I am completely fascinated with the possibilities of communicating and publishing anthropology in some different ways. In fact, that's pretty much all I have been thinking about for the last few days. What else can we do with anthropology? How can we find new, collaborative ways of not only making connections between anthropologists, but also encouraging debate and dialog with wider audiences (the "general" public, journalists, pundits, and maybe…

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Artifacts of violence #1

So then, what DO our artifacts say about us? We can read all sorts of things into, well, things. This was something that I found washed up on a beach in California a few years back. I used to have all sorts of these plastic army men when I was a kid, and I turned out relatively well. I think.  Still, these types of objects do speak to…

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Anthropology + Photography

When I first started this blog I wrote a few posts about what different people do with photography, how they use it, and why. Those were inspired by social scientists and anthropologists who have looked into the social meanings and uses of photography--Pierre Bourdieu, Jay Ruby, Elizabeth Edwards, among others. Some of those posts looked at the lives of particular professional photographers, like…

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Dealing with THE GAP

Rex over at Savage Minds recently wrote a short post about the "relevance gap" in anthropology. Pretty important topic, if you ask me. Here is the money quote:

"The time it takes for academics to study, write, and publish something about a current event is about the same amount of time it takes to enroll a cohort of students too young…

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Academia, Anthropology, and HTS: Two Recent Posts Worth Reading

First, read through this post over at Savage Minds. Be sure to read the comments as well. Then, go read this post over at Zero Anthropology.

What is HTS? How should… Continue

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Photographs and Anthropology: Context Matters

The above photograph was taken in the summer

of 2005 at an anti-war rally in downtown San Diego.

The above photograph was taken in the summer of 2004

during a trip that…

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Michael Wesch and KSU: "A Vision of Students Today"

If you haven't seen this video, check it out. Mike Wesch and his students over at KSU does some pretty inspiring work with media, and they explore some extremely relevant issues. I often check out their projects and I always come away with some new ideas and different ways of thinking about anthropology in relation to contemporary society. This video makes some pretty striking statements about education today:…


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Inside the OAC: Martin Hoyem's "Southern California Lowriders"

Martin Hoyem, who runs the "american ethnography quasiweekly" site, has a photographic project about Southern California lowriders that is definitely work a look. Check out the photo gallery here, and then take some time to look around his site, which is definitely a good change of pace for anthropological publications.…


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Michael Shanks: Ghosts, Mirrors, Machines

The above image of the surface of a daguerreotype was taken by archaeologist Michael Shanks as part of his project "Ghosts in the machine." Daguerreotypes are, of course, one of a kind photographic positives--direct reflections of light that once hit particular objects. What I find particularly intriguing are his ideas about an archaeology of media (or "media archaeology" as he puts… Continue

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Paul Mason: "Globalisation: the products but not the ethics"

Over at Neuroanthropology, Paul Mason has a great post that discusses globalization and the ethical issues that are often left out of the equation. One of his main points is that the products of globalization end up all around the world, but political and ethical concerns do not. Here is the intro:

"A photo is featured alongside the quote. In the photo, there is a billboard advertising… Continue

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Amartya Sen on "The Uses and Abuses of Adam Smith"

This might be interesting for any of the economically-oriented anthropologists out there:

Hat tip to Maxine… Continue

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Arizona, Citizenship, and Rights

All of the recent events in Arizona have me thinking about citizenship and rights. Where do our laws begin and end? Do US ideals about inalienable rights stop at our borders? What kinds of rights should be afforded to all people in all places? In his 2008 book The Latino Threat, Leo Chavez writes,

For many, especially anti-immigration groups such as the…

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Publication models: Contexts by the ASA

I just got something in the mail from the American Sociological Association which features their publication Contexts. That is a nice looking magazine, and it makes me wonder why us anthropologically minded folks can't get together and do something along those lines. Combine solid anthropology with good design. Contexts has a nice look to it, and they also put photography to good use. Kind of reminds me of one of my favorite magazines of all time,… Continue

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