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Ethics and Blogging, some fun Monday morning reading

Here is an interesting article from Science Daily. It talks about the basic ethical codes that have come about in online blogging communities. Read on:

"Whatever their reason for posting their thoughts online, bloggers have a shared ethical code, according to a recent study published in the journal New Media Society. Key issues in the blogosphere are telling the truth, accountability,… Continue

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Oh Boy! What a haul.

One of my classmates in BritLit I posted a link in our discussion board to the brand new Staffordshire Anglo-Saxon treasure. I almost passed it by because the last link posted contained some lovely silver but nothing compared to this haul. In viewing the BBC report I came across an interview with the finder, a regular chap out pursuing his hobby, Terry Herbert. I was impressed with his perception and attitude regarding his find. He says it was more exciting to watch the reactions of the… Continue

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A test site has been established for readers and authors of ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY. Anyone is welcome to join @

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ethnographic yoga: inversions

crossposted from my main blog, Praxis Mundi

There is an imminent wisdom nestled in the practice of ethnography; every important lesson along the spiritual path finds its analogue in the research process. Take, for instance, the anekāntavāda concept in Jainism. Robert Anton Wilson called them Reality Tunnels. The basic idea is that every individual perceives reality through a personal set of filters, though they seldom realize it.… Continue

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CFP, SfAA 2010 (Merida, Mexico). The Biodiversity Conservation Industry in Mexico: Perspectives, Trends, and Challenges

**Please circulate this CFP to anyone who may be interested. The session is open to any work on protected areas in Mexico.**

The Biodiversity Conservation Industry in Mexico: Perspectives, Trends, and Challenges

Ideological and material forms of globalization are germane to the biodiversity and conservation industry of Mexico. Biosphere Reserves in Mexico present a community-oriented development paradigm that is intended to achieve conservation of resources while… Continue

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Dimensions of Social Exclusion:Ethnographic Explorations-New Book from CSP, UK

Dimensions of Social Exclusion: Ethnographic Explorations

Editor: K.M. Ziyauddin and Eswarappa Kasi

Dimensions of Social Exclusion focuses largely on social exclusion in the context of communities and social groups who have or have not been considered in discussing the benefits of mainstream inclusive society or development. Contemporary understanding of social exclusion has revived great interest among academics, researchers and policy makers in understanding problems from the… Continue

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My First Blog

Well I've done social networking, even academic networking but this is my first (so far as I remember) attempt at blogging. What's it all about? Well as I understand it this a place where I can keep a sort of on-line public journal making my thoughts and news available to all other site users. Well that sounds potentially useful but please don't assume I'm going to write everything on here. I doubt I could.

Suffice it to say in this first blog, I am a thirty something divorced… Continue

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In the photo-section we have this plate which shows the structure of the " Anthropology of Habitat and Architecture" approach respectively the composition of five lines (subhuman, semantic, domestic, sedentary, urban/imperial architecture) which could illustrate an evolutionary process in regard to human culture. Most important is the line of "semantic architecture" which in Neolithic times gains great importance

1) by traditionally… Continue

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The Zanzibar Leopard

Here's a link to my existing -- and very occasional -- blog with Helle Goldman about the Zanzibar Leopard and related (wildlife and conservation) matters in the Zanzibar archipelago. I really should write more regularly...

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Sexual mutilation and ethnocentrism

I have a question which concerns a quite recent controversy about ethnocentrism, that has been raised by the the French ethno-psychiatrist Tobie Nathan. In fact, I am looking for the writings in which he says that we cannot condemn (morally and politically) practices of sexual mutilation in certain countries of the South, because this kind of assessment would be a new and hidden form of ethnocentrism. I know that his position has been criticized by other French anthropologists, but I don't know… Continue

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Australian Aboriginal song poetry from the north west

Dear all,

Here is a selection from a recent post at my (other) blog, The Northern Myth on some Aboriginal song poetry from the norther-west of the country in a region known as the Pilbara.


Tabi in Karierra, by Tjarndai

njalataianna pannina kudii nagunjuru

pilanmannaba takanna.

palakuru pala kardi?iriba pannigu

tinatingala… Continue

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identify this language?

Hello! I need help from linguistic anthropologists...

This song floated into my laptop while I was in a hotel in Vienna, Austria. I can't tell what language it is, but it's a catchy tune. If anyone can identify it and post their answer here it would be great. I am not a linguistic anthropologist, just a curious traveler. I uploaded the file to your video section because I change its strange format into something more common. Don't worry about a virus. I've had this file on my… Continue

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Anthropology and Development- New Book

Anthropology and Development in a Globalized India: An Ethnography of Sericulture from the South

Author: Eswarappa Kasi

Date Of Publication: Nov 2009

Isbn13: 978-1-4438-1345-7

Isbn: 1-4438-1345-1

The book tries to portray sericulture, as a crop enterprise, and which is emerged as one of the foremost view in the theoretical… Continue

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African anthropology - epistemology

Dear Colleagues,

I am teaching an ethnographic survey course on Sub-Saharan Africa and realise I need an idiot's guide to epistemology of anthropology (and of course Everything Else!).

Any quick concise references? I am a lapsed fan of Popper and (probably) a non-phenomenologist, but my philosophy is a bit rusty so any help you can offer will be most welcome,

The Reader I am using - Perspectives on Africa eds Grinker & Steiner - makes my blood boil at certain points but it… Continue

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Fall '09: BritLit!

I have the great pleasure of taking British Literature I, Medieval through Restoration with an excellent teacher. I had her for BritLit II last winter and have looked forward to this class since that time. I get to spend the first six weeks wallowing in the roots of British literature, and Arthurian Legend. Our first reading was The Dream of the Rood. A lovely poem teaching the crucifixion from the tree's point of view. Much can be derived from this short but deep work, author unknown.… Continue

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Australian Aboriginal Homelands Campaign

I'm uncertain how this system works, but think that this campaign will be of interest and urge those who can to respond. For details:

Added by Martha Macintyre on September 3, 2009 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments

Diarrohea havoc in Nepal

Nepal,a least developed country is facing a severe crisis and tragedy because of heavy diarrhea outbreak in Jajarkot, a remote place and its neighbor districts Rukum and Dialekh. After few months of initial break, now the death tolls alone in Jajarkot is 300 and still hundreds are in repercussion effects. The death rate is around 7/8 per day which reflects the very vulnerability of locals there and the sheer negligence of governments, organizations and all stakeholders.

Enough supply… Continue

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