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Against Culturalism

Joana Breidenbach and Pál Nyíri have just published a book, Seeing Culture Everywhere: From Genocide to Consumer Habits, (Washington University Presss, 2009).

In an excerpt from a note on the book, they write:

>In his book Foreign News, anthropologist Ulf Hannerz lamented the inability of anthropologists – the professional students of human cultures – to respond adequately to… Continue

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How would you define culture?

Culture is something that is all around us but hidden from sight.

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Diep Salute from Global Studio

Global Studio (established 2005) is a place based action research program where international students, academics and professionals come together with local universities, local government , NGOs and CBOs to collaborate with disadvantaged communities.

GS grew out of the work of the UN Millennium Project Task Force on Improving the Lives of Slum Dwellers (2002-04) with founding partners… Continue

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Anna Marie Schefer commented on Nold Egenter's group 'ANTHROPOLOGY OF HABITAT AND ARCHITECTURE'

Hello! I would like to ask what the name of the article about the interface of anthropology and architecture is? I am just starting being interested in the topic of Architectural anthropology. Thanks for advices! Best wishes, Anna


Good morning,

please excuse me for the delay with which I am responding your kind question. There was an… Continue

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Below please find a list of 10 selected papers on various

aspects of our "Anthropology of Habitat and Architecture"

Would be nice to have some discussions!

You find them with the following URL:



Nold Egenter

THE SACRED TREES AROUND GOSHONAI / JAPAN - A contribution of building ethnology to the subject of… Continue

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HISTORICAL ANTHROPOLOGY:Scientific-technological Revolution and the Historical Consciousness


The way how the mankind developed trough last 40000 years,expressed in terms of semiotics

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scientific-technological Revolution and the Historical Consciousness

By Miroslav Mišković,Croatia


Historical consciousness was from the beginning the basis of every social consciousness.At the present time,into a era of scientific-technological revolution,it does occurs in that region… Continue

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EASA-2010- Call for Papers

EASA, 2010: EASA2010: Crisis and imagination

Maynooth, 24/08/2010 – 27/08/2010

Panel (W076) Title: Anthropological reflections on crisis and imagination: a field view


Eswarappa Kasi (University of Hyderabad) email

Robin Oakley (Dalhousie University) email

Mail All Convenors

Short Abstract

In order to depict anthropological moorings, we invite scholars and academicians working in the themes and perspectives of anthropological reflections of… Continue

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For peace and development- Volume 26 - Issue 26 :: Dec. 19, 2009-Jan. 01, 2010

For peace and development

Frontline, Volume 26 - Issue 26 :: Dec. 19, 2009-Jan. 01, 2010

AS K. Chandrasekhara Rao observed his fast and activists demanding a separate Telangana state agitated on the streets, there were many appeals urging the movement not to adopt violent methods, and not all of them were from the government. Some respected voices within the movement, and leaders of social movements sympathetic to the statehood demand stressed the importance of a peaceful… Continue

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Dynamics of the News Cycle

Recently I read a paper co-authored by a number of social network social scientists on the dynamics of the news cycle as evidenced by a medium-grained examination of the diffusion and transformation of phrase variants across the web. The authors, Leskovec, Backstrom, and Kleinberg, have a supporting web site, Its worth a look.

Leskovec, Backstrom, and Kleinberg note that the two principal approaches to the… Continue

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10 BOOKS OF MY 100 VILLAGE STUDY (english version)


(See 3rd leaflet from top on left side (Latest Activity)

at --->


X CLICK HERE: (3rd from top on left side):

Nold Egenter added a blog post

Leaflet of Nold Egenter's 100 village Study in Japan


October… Continue

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The Periodic Table of World Internet Facts

The periodic table has been produced by Jonathan Gosier, CEO of an African startup in Kampala, Uganda, Appfrica International. It is available as a hi res image or as a poster.

About a quarter of the world's population is currently online. Each block contains a country's name, rank (and sequential order of the chart), place… Continue

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Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment

The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.

The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment. All issues are interlinked. Our Minds cannot be peaceful when attention-spans are down to nanoseconds, microseconds and milliseconds. Our Minds cannot be peaceful if we destroy Nature.

Industrial Society Destroys Mind and Environment.

Subject :… Continue

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It is hardly news that the world is a flow of matter, energy, and information. It is a foundational notion of most of the sciences, and especially of ecology, which has exerted particularly significant influence on anthropological thinking. I mention this because I would like to call attention to what a theoretically sophisticated understanding of the relatively neglected third of these might offer anthropology.

I say neglected, but it really hasn't been. Those things falling under… Continue

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Patrick Maher on Belief, Action, and Acceptance

Rational Belief: Rational Acceptance or Rational Action?

Patrick Maher in his book Betting on Theories (1993, chapter 6) notes two common assumptions about belief:

(1) An agent A believes in H just in case A is willing to act as if H were true.

(2) Sincere intentional assertion… Continue

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