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No Exit?

The Economist's obituary for Alfred Hirschman attributes to Hirschman the idea that systems from which the disgruntled can exit can achieve a perverse stability, in which those capable of revolution leave the scene and leave those less capable at the mercy of the incompetent and corrupt. I find myself thinking about those of us with the…


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Life on Water

Mais oui, dey tried to teach me

how to read back at school.

Mais book learnin’ didn’t stick wit’…


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Arturo Escobar

My browsing brought me today to this article in the Guardian about Colombian thinker Arturo Escobar. Has anyone hear heard of him? Or referred to his work? I'd particularly like to hear Keith Hart and David Graeber's take on him.

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Economic Integration in Borderland: Anthropological research

This research is an in-depth study of borderlander community economic integration in Aji Kuning, Sebatik island, Nunukan regency, East Kalimantan province. The borderland is an area between Indonesia and Sabah, Malaysia. It focused on market as a transaction arena and economic relationship related to social, politics, culture and ethnic issues. Aji Kuning market has already more integrated with international market (Malaysia especially).

Aji Kuning village in paradoxical situation,…


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Anthropologies CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The neoliberalized, debt-plagued, low wage, corporatized university (and what can be done about it)

Hey OAC folks,

So the next issue of anthropologies is about the serious problems we are facing in academia and the university system.  The goal of the issue is to highlight some of the problems, and also open up a space to explore solutions, new ideas, or alternatives.  Here's a link to the call for submissions:

Deadline for Submissions: JAN…


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Gaza and the Mizrahi Predicament

This is a recording of a long dialogue, followed by an audience Q & A, held at the Cork chapter of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign on January 17, 2009. The topic covers the position of Mizrahim within the Israel-Palestine conflict. It provides a good introduction to the dilemmas and predicaments faced by Mizrahim as Jewish Israeli citizens who have origins in the Muslim World. The talk also analyzes the reasons why the Israeli political center moves farther and farther toward…


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Research in an INGO: Oxfam's new series of research guidelines

Interested in how an international NGO supports research? A couple of weeks ago Oxfam launched a series of online research guidelines, originally intended for its own staff and research partners, but now being made public for the first time. The following is a slightly edited version of a blog post I wrote to accompany the launch. The original is here:…


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El Cabanyal, historia de un barrio (Cabanyal, history of a neighborhood

“Hay algo que recuerdo perfectamente, recuerdo cuando era pequeña, tendría unos 5 o 6 años, en la calle de los Ángeles, que está en pleno corazón del Cabañal, y calle por la cual pasábamos cuando veníamos del colegio para llegar a casa. En este barrio casi todos nos conocíamos, era como un pueblecito dentro de la gran ciudad. Un día llovía mucho y veníamos mis hermanas y yo con el pelo y los uniformes del colegio chorreando y la madre del pescador de la calle de Los Ángeles, que solía estar… Continue

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