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II. "ritual and resistance: Newroz"

It is my pleasure to tell you in a bit more about changes in material components of Newroz Celebrations. Forgive me please because I could answer your question lately. First of all, I think, in ritual studies material components of a ritual is generally  treated as a secondary element  of trying to understand a ritual in it's cultural context. Because explaining the symbolic structure of a ritual has vital importance for understanding ritual in it's habitat. Indeed it is highly necessary to…


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Remark on the fieldwork in Anthropology of Science and Technology

This remark is inspired by Marianne de Laet ‘s anthropological comments ( Nature vol 501: 164-165,12 Sept 2013 ) on Harry Collins (2013) new book ‘Gravity’s Ghost and Big Dog : Scientific Discovery and Social Analysis in the 21st Century ‘ (University Chicago Press ).

Harry Collins produced brilliant  systematic sociological account of his almost 40 years (!) fieldwork among scientists in the field of gravitational ( relativistic ) astronomy.

It is important…


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Public and private ghosts

Public and private ghosts

A while ago I was intimated by someone that you should not play with ghosts in some countries. Pop fiction teaches that there are ghosts creeping out of houses, possessing people with no warning and articulating collective fears with no remorse. A friend of mine who is a seasoned South Asian traveller pointed that Thai ghost stories have now made it to the cyberspace, acquiring…


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Ritual and Resistance

Newroz:  A resistance ritual

            Ritual is  the one of the basic practices of humankind. That’s why it is possible to witness rituals in every society both in our era and ancient times. While rituals can be seen in many periods and places, ritual as field of study is recent phenomenon. Analysis of a ritual with its symbolic pattern is central for most of ritual studies. For this reason, in many ritual…


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Loyalty is a Two-Way Street

With a tip of the hat to Kevin Lyda, I direct your attention to an analysis of why whistle blowing has become an easier option for contract employees without job security, Bruce Schneier's Government Secrecy and the Generation Gap. 

The central question: If organizations outsource operations and treat their employees as expendable tools, how can they possibly expect them to  keep their secrets?

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Can we Cynefin?

What is not to like about a new approach to organizational strategy developed at MIT, that cites ancient myth and Mary Douglas, emphasises the primacy of human sense-making in organizational behavior, and is named Cynefin

a Welsh word whose literal translation into English as habitat or place fails to do it justice. It is more properly understood as the place of our multiple affiliations, the sense that we all, individually and collectively, have many…


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The anthropology of money and finance: from ethnography to world history

Come read and discuss an essay by Horacio Ortiz and myself posted online in separate parts, either here or on my website.

We review developments in the anthropology of money and finance over the last century, listing its achievements, shortcomings and prospects. Since the 1960s, anthropologists have tended to restrict themselves to niche fields and marginal debates.…


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