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Anthropology's dwindling fortune

Recently I have come to notice that anthropology as a discipline is very unpopular in Africa. In the so called liberalized market thinking world, many students especially the self sponsored students (popularly known as Module two ) opts to go for the supposedly marketable courses like economics engineering and medicine at the expense of Anthropology. they argue that no employer wants to employ an anthropologist. what do you as an Anthropologists in this site think is the main reason for the…


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What do we make of Occupy Wall Street?

For those with an interest in moving the global economy in more humane directions, the story of the hour is the Occupy Wall Street movement that has now spread worldwide. Its eruption has spurred a discussion on Anthro-L from which I take the following exchange.


On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:40 AM, LINDA SCHINKEL <lschinkel@dishmail.net> wrote:

 I believe that many of us these days don't believe that evolving Capitalism forward, in a more humane…


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Did the machines win?

Over on nettime-l, a list for those who once thought "tactical media" was the way forward, the old question of men and machines has been revived with due acknowledgment to Marshall McLuhan. One contributor exclaimed that "of course the machines won" and another said this was "simplistic Luddite rubbish". This was my response.

I can't speak for Mark Stahlman, but I don't imagine that anyone who can write so interestingly…


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Can You Do Better?

Over on Savage Minds, the question of where the value of anthropology lies has led once more to repetition of the cliché that anthropologists know things that less broad-minded scholars in other disciplines don't. I was moved to reply in what is, yes, a deliberately provocative way. Here is part of that reply.


Consider as provocations three books I am now in the process of reading.

The Propensity of Things: Toward a…


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Thoughtful Voices

With a tip of the hat to designanthro, I  direct your attention to this recording of Debbie Millman's interview with Dori Tunstall. I must say that I do like the voices. The warmth, the sharing, the lack of antagonism are all immensely appealing. The question I confronted when thinking where to put this on OAC is that it could so easily fit in so many places. It touches on so many issues, from…


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Call for Articles - Journal Conexões Parciais (English version)

Call for Articles

We are in the process of receiving original articles, essays, analytical reviews, translations and interviews in the fields of Anthropology and Philosophy for Volume 1, Issue 1, to be published in November 2011. The deadline for submitting texts is October 21, 2011. Initially, the articles may be sent to:




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Anthropologies #7: Anthropology with PURPOSE

Hey everyone!  So, the 7th issue of the online project "anthropologies" is live. Take the time to check it out, and feel free to post your thoughts, comments, and reactions here at the OAC and over there as well.  Also, check out some of the upcoming themes--if you are interested in taking part in a future issue, let me know.  Here's what's in this issue:



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A Graduate's Life

(A found poem ~  just for fun...)


Dawn and dusk haven't mattered differently to me since I came here.

Neither have I found the seasons tied to the arrival of kites nor to their departure.

Not even the glow of fireflies or the songs of cicadas have anchored me

in some small way to natural…


Added by Achirri Ishmael on October 1, 2011 at 9:30am — No Comments

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