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What is value? What is money?

It occurs to me that some here might be interested in the following item from Edge.



A Conversation with Cesar Hidalgo

Edge Video (44-Minutes)

"We have always had this tension of understanding the world, at small spatial scales or individual scales, and large macro scales. In the past when we looked at macro scales, at least when it comes to many social phenomena, we…


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The Goal of a Human Economy—What is the Good Life?

What is a human economy? One suggestion that appeals to me is an economy that offers every child the opportunity to live what he or she comes to consider a good life, a life that combines simple pleasures and meaningful fulfillment of some larger purpose. Of course, however, not everyone sees the good life in similar terms, and what I take to be simple pleasures and meaningful fulfillment may be quite different from what someone else prefers. Anthropologically speaking, the possibility that…


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Alien Phenomenology

Those of us who enjoyed the OAC seminar on Martin Holbraad's "Can the Thing Speak?" or have been intrigued by recent discussions of ontology or Latour will also be interested in this Design Observer interview with Ian Bogost, the author of …


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Where else in the world?

This morning, the  Asahi (the most liberal of Japan's three major daily papers)'s  Vox Populi, Vox Dei column tells me that its August and the 50th anniversaries of the deaths of several prominent people are coming up: American movie star Marilyn Monroe on the 5th, Japanese folklorist Yanagita Kunio on the 8th, and German author Herman Hesse on the 9th. Where else in the world would you find a list like this?

Come to think of it that is a serious question. I don't know the answer.…


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