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What do we make of Occupy Wall Street?

For those with an interest in moving the global economy in more humane directions, the story of the hour is the Occupy Wall Street movement that has now spread worldwide. Its eruption has spurred a discussion on Anthro-L from which I take the following exchange.


On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:40 AM, LINDA SCHINKEL <> wrote:

 I believe that many of us these days don't believe that evolving Capitalism forward, in a more humane…


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Can You Do Better?

Over on Savage Minds, the question of where the value of anthropology lies has led once more to repetition of the cliché that anthropologists know things that less broad-minded scholars in other disciplines don't. I was moved to reply in what is, yes, a deliberately provocative way. Here is part of that reply.


Consider as provocations three books I am now in the process of reading.

The Propensity of Things: Toward a…


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Thoughtful Voices

With a tip of the hat to designanthro, I  direct your attention to this recording of Debbie Millman's interview with Dori Tunstall. I must say that I do like the voices. The warmth, the sharing, the lack of antagonism are all immensely appealing. The question I confronted when thinking where to put this on OAC is that it could so easily fit in so many places. It touches on so many issues, from…


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