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Child, Youth and Human Rights

Child is the father of man, child is the image of God, youth is the source of energy and provides base for the development of the society, all these parlances are derived from culture. But within cultural framework child is neglected one.  Enormous works have been inked on culture but very few on children and youth in cultural framework which make an environment to examine different models of children life among tribes which could…


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A Value to Consider?

Reuters columnist Edward Hadas has written a piece titled Why "suzhi" should go globalSuzhi (素質) is a value that appears to be getting a lot of buzz in China these days. If I've got the characters right, a literal translation would be something along the lines of "simple quality." Su might be rendered "simple, innocent, pure," zhi as "quality…


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Things I didn't know about applying to (post) graduate courses.

The following is meant as a guide with a few extras on applying to Universities in the USA and France. I started from knowing nothing about the process and could have done with something like this about two years ago. Any comments or criticisms are welcome.

1. It takes time

a) My brother says that applying to jobs is a full time job, I would say that applying to Universities is just as consuming. Obviously the more Universities you apply to, the longer it all…


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Anthropology, society and the unconscious mind

I am coming round to a view of anthropology as a mixture of late Durkheim and Jung. It's why what the others call ethnography is not what we do and what anthropologists do is to some extent occult, so we hide it like a dirty secret when it is in fact the source of why we get it right more often. How do we turn the bits of concrete fieldwork, the individuals and events, into a partial vision of the whole society we study? By immersing ourselves in the social life and conversations of a place…


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The Elders at Play

In The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Ruth Benedict describes the Japanese life course as a great arc. Children and grandparents are as free as they will ever be to react spontaneously and express their feelings. It is in the long center of the arc that the burdens and repressions of adulthood are heaviest. Yesterday, I posted an album to my Facebook Page with the title …


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The Pre-Colonial Imagined Boundaries

The Pre-Colonial Imagined Boundaries


This paper is an account of pre-colonial symbolic distributions of imagined boundaries in the geo-political construct…


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Ethnography of Hallucinations

The most difficult thing to do in life is not to have something to do at all, indeed.  It was my day-off yesterday, and I could not think of anything to do.  I already did Spring cleaning, reading, writing, watching TV, listening to Carla Bruni's husky voice, and arguing with my dad on the phone about the Philippine economy.  I had my all afternoon ready to be given up to boredom again.  

Since I like to challenge myself very much, I decided to explore an inner city in Southern…


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Have decided to base the fieldwork project for summer 2012 in Govan, in the South West of my home town Glasgow! I'm looking at oral history and working life in community projects there. Here's the wiki page for interested folk. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Govan Any Scottish anths (or anths into Scottish contemporary culture) feel free to share your experience and ideas, I'll be sure to do the same.

Soon I'll be starting a group…


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See the World in a Whole New Way

If you aren't familiar with the work of Swedish statistician and data guru Hans Rosling you are totally missing something huge. For a taste, take a look at this TED presentation on using data to visualize change in basic demographic and economic conditions

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Abstract : The mediations of prestige: the Justice of Peace and the domination relationships in the peasant community of Rio das Mortes/Brazil

The mediation system can be a social space which might reveals sort ways of values negotiation in a specific community as well as identify the social facts that most point out forms of social justice in the context of moral codes. This research has been taking place in a rural community of Santo Antônio do Rio das Mortes Pequeno, inward of Minas Gerais, Brazil within the aim of analyze the Justice of Peace in order to study the forms and relationships which give structures to the local…


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