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....i am the final part of the ERC Project jigsaw,

Like Sabina and Meltem, I'm based in Frankfurt and I am the researcher for London! We will be concentrating on post-migrant youth's leisure practices in London, Paris and Berlin. The project is affiliated with the department of Cultural anthropology and European ethnology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany and the fieldwork phase is rapidly approaching!

I am also doing my PhD at Goethe and my research is… Continue

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a few ways into anthropology...

Just to introduce myself...

I work for an ERC project on post-migrant youth's leisure practices and I'm based in Frankfurt Am Main (Goethe University), department of Cultural anthropology and European ethnography. Our team is starting this comparative research in London, Berlin and Paris (I'll be fieldworking in the latter).

I'm also a PhD student in anthropology in the same university, and my research focuses on issues related to consumption and material… Continue

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A TAPESTRY OF VAGRANCY: on madness, creativity and freedom

I remember in senior year of college in Miami I had a friend who visited his then girlfriend in Trinidad. Upon his return he reported “full of stray dogs.” Mind you during this time I had not returned to Trinidad for years, and had quite forgotten about stray dogs and stray humans. So of course I went on the defensive – “there are SO many things to see and do in Trinidad,” I reprimanded, “how could you complain about stray dogs?!” We left it at that.

Fast forward six years after this… Continue

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Number Symbolism to Track Biblical Sources

Numbers are an interesting and useful device in tracking the tribal and ethnic origins of a document. For example, the Chinese avoid using the number four, which they regard as a bad omen, yet four is a sacred number to the Plains Indians of North America and is used in ceremonies and rites, such as the Vision Quest.

In the Bible we are able to track the origin of some narratives using number symbolism. The Hebrew Bible comes to us from the Afro-Asiatics whose number symbolism can be… Continue

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Vacation Panic

My wife and I were giving thought to our upcoming vacation plans. Would it be Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, or Belize. Or perhaps we'd stay on U.S. soil and go for the Pacific Northwest, Cape Cod, or maybe Alaska? While considering this my thoughts went from the news of drug cartels and their abductions and killings of innocent people, to the Swine flu, cholera, or malarial sicknesses which seemed to dominate the news south of the U.S. border. For a moment, I felt a pang of panic. To stay in the… Continue

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South Dakota, USA - can tribes move forward by going back?

Here are a few snippets from the Lakota Country Times (paid subscription required).

They give several examples of Tribal leaders encouraging a return to disrupted cultural ways to deal with current social problems.

March 5, 2009

The Oglala Oyate [people/nation] gathered in Manderson for the latest in a series of Teton Oglala Ospaye Omniciye, being sponsored by the Oglala Delegation of the Black… Continue

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Recognizing children's culture as integral part of the heritage of humanity

While sometimes suffering under poverty, sickness and oppression children are at the same time active participants in creating the society and culture in which they grow up. Therefore, children's culture should be rightly recognized as an integral part of the tangible and intangible heritage of humanity.

As far as I could find out, the UNESCO program for safeguarding the tangible and intangible Heritage of Humanity ( does not… Continue

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the original name of the Creator

All of us in our native roots can find that Name.


The Yoruba word, “bere” comes to mind as you see what the Hebrews call the first book of the Bible. They call it “bereshith”. They say that it means “beginning”. This is the same meaning that the Yoruba will give the word, “bere”.

The Yoruba people are part of what is now being called the original and authentic divine revelation in the Edenic African Asiatic family of languages. All the races of this world will find this… Continue

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New Issue of Museum Anthropology Review

I am pleased to announce the publication of volume 3, number 1 of Museum Anthropology Review. MAR a free-to-users-and-authors open access journal of museum and material culture studies published in partnership with the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries through its IUScholarWorks program. It uses the open source software toolkit called Open Journal Systems and its content is licensed using Creative Commons licenses.

The new issue can be found at… Continue

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There is a new video in the Media Section of the 'Open Anthropology Cooperative'. It shows the architectural and spatial analysis done in one village (Ueda) of the Omihachiman region in Japan. The territorial function of the religious symbols is clearly shown, also their highly complex symbolisms and their elementary type of aesthetics (PRO-portion, coincidence of opposites). Note that they also represent local protector deities (Ujigami). They originally must have "created" sedentary life and… Continue

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