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Review of Philosophical Papers, Volume 1: The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes

After the enlightenment, people started to seriously make a distinction that how they distinguished what they really knew from what was really going on around them. The actual knowledge, epistemes, were favored over "opinions" or doxa. The debate that surrounded that distinction amid the turmoil of increasing technology and religious unrest eventually flipped around: doxa became the norm with epistemes being questioned as being attainable. With this flip, after the revolution of…


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“Twitter, Schmitter!" & a Few Fun Tweets

Found Poetry


Twitter, schmitter!

We now have

a court order!

We will wipe out

all of these!

The international

community can say this,

can say that.

I don't care at all!

Everyone will see

how powerful

the Turkish State is!

Erdogan, Turkish PM

*Despite Erdogan’s ban on twittering, a report from Twitturk, which records the statistics of Turkish Twitter users, indicates… Continue

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No funding? Don't Go!! (on getting a PhD in anthropology)

Well, it’s that time of year when prospective grad students around the country are anxiously pacing around their mailboxes waiting for responses from all the PhD programs they applied to.  Many are wondering who accepted them, who rejected them, and, of course, if they got funding.  That’s the big question.  Getting a full-funding offer is the highest mark of acceptance and application success.  It’s like getting the golden seal of academic and departmental approval.  It means you’re…


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Academic References

a child
without an escort

walks the night
in a big city it does not know:

lost -

any ‘thing’
might happen to it.


From Bruno Latour (1987:33)

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An Invitation to a Circumcision: the World According to V. Putin (Found Poems).

Reading Putin*.

I looked the man in the eye.

I found him to be

very straightforward

and trustworthy.

We had a very good dialogue.

I was able to get a sense

of his soul,

a man deeply committed to his country

and the best interests of his country.

I wouldn't have invited him

to my ranch

if I didn't trust him.

*George Bush, June 2001.

2. Putin, On Chechen Muslims

If you’re… Continue

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Amazing! I am surprised and grateful that my American Ethnologist essay, “Writing Against Identity Politics,” has gotten over 1,000 views on in a little over a year. This is on top of over 2,000 viewers and subscribers on Facebook and other educational, non-profit sites. I am glad that the word is getting out about the bureaucratic machine as a system of divine torture.…


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Who says anthropology can't rock?

Serendipitously, the entertainment section in this morning's Japan Times carries an article about an Indie band, three young Japanese women, called Crunch. One of them, Noriyo Hotta says,

"For example, take 'Mori no Naka,' the first track on the album. This song was influenced by Radiohead, especially the songs 'Jigsaw Falling' and 'There There,' and a funk tune by Japanese rock band Jagatara called 'Tango.' But I was also inspired by a book about the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon.… Continue

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