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Tristes Tropiques: Revisited

When I first encountered Lévi-Strauss in graduate school, I thought the title of his monumental work sounded strange. At that time, I spoke absolutely no Portuguese but knew enough Spanish to understand that tristes meant sad. However, I could not for the life of me penetrate the “meaning” associated with the title of this passionate, perilous quest into (what at that time was considered) the…


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The Universality of Truth

Now this is an article that is going to upset a lot of people but at the same time it will cause a lot of people to reflect on something that we so easily take for granted. As anthropologists, we are charged with trying to understand and explain what humans do and essentially why. We investigate similarities and variances, things that we share, and things that are private and sacred. We try to find…


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Tools of the Ethnographer

I admit that there is no perfect process for doing ethnographic fieldwork. And, trying to find a computer program or application that is robust enough to handle all the varied tasks necessary in fieldwork, I don’t really think exists (although there are many out there that claim to be the definitive research tool for qualitative or quantitative research). In the years that I have been doing fieldwork, I have figured out a method that sort of works for me…


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The Brazilian Educational Project

A short video (5min) has been published describing the mission and objectives of the Brazilian Educational Project. For those interested, it can be found at:

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Writing Well, Writing Academically…A Response


You said:…


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How would you define culture?

Culture is something that is all around us but hidden from sight.

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