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Seeking contriutions for anthropologies issue about anthropology & war!!

Hey everyone, just a quick post here to let everyone know that we are still looking for contributions to the next issue of anthropologies.  This issue focuses on the relationship(s) between anthropology and war:


Let me know if you're interested in taking part.  Word range is generally between 500-1500, and the deadline is July 20.  We will…


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An evolving understanding of urban ecology

Metaphor has long been an interest of mine, and I've also been fascinated by Mary Douglas's discussion of natural symbols. So this article instantly caught my attention.  The idea that architects and engineers are closely studying natural models in search of ideas: obvious, once you think about it, but wow.

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Can anthropologists play well with others?

Some here might be interested in a brilliant conversation now underway on the anthrodesign Yahoo! list, under the subject heading, “Serendipity.” Arvind Venkataramani has just offered a provocative proposal,

The language we’ve been using so far is heavily driven by methodology selection and its cognates, so much so that participatory research is being treated as a method, not an approach (just like ‘lean=process’). I suggest that we need instead to focus on problem framing…


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A Project to Keep an Eye On

The following message from anthrodesign is cross-posted with permission of the author, Lynne Lohfeld. It should be of interest to anyone involved with applied or medical anthropology or the role that anthropologists can play in research teams with members from other disciplines. 

Adrian, I like the analogy you make with getting to deep understanding incrementally rather than in phases, because the latter suggests (to me) following a predetermined path in a…


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Looking for feedback on writing project about how we create the world in which we live

 I am currently soliciting opinions about a project I have been working on that touches on several areas of anthropology. All constructive opinions and suggestions are welcome. I started a writing project several months ago which was initially just intended to result in a self-published book (or a book published through a tiny start up) that contained a series of informal lecture-essays on issues of interest to me and presented at a broadly accessible level. Ideas developed as I wrote, and…


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Figuring Elephants


Rainwater, river water,

Groundwater, floodwaters;

Cold mountain stream water,

Brackish lagoon waters;

Water that slowly seeps into a wetland,

Water that rushes down a waterfall.

Gigaliters of water.

Adapter from Leah Gibbs (2006, Valuing Water).

In the Everglades…


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Ever wonder what doing business anthropology or design ethnography is in real life?

This war stories series from the Portigal consulting company's website will keep you riveted. It would be interesting to hear what our colleagues or lurkers have to say.

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friendship, love and sexuality among beggars.

Dear all,

after some exam-abstinence from the forum, the summer will see me put in more effort again. I am going to do more research among a community of street-beggars in the East of London and am planning to look at what beggars actually do in their 'real life', i.e. when they are not 'working' as beggars. How do beggars love? How do they create friendships? How does sexuality work? Where do relations come from, where do they extend to? In conclusion, I am trying to 'draw' a…


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The case for an African customs union

I will first explain what I mean by saying that the informal economy, a concept I was associated with coining in the early 1970s, has taken over the world, largely as a result of neoliberal deregulation over the last three decades (pp. 1-3). After a brief account of my own early exposure to West Africa (pp. 3-5), I turn to the question of how and why Africa has long been a symbol of global inequality. Even after independence, Africans are still waiting from emancipation (pp. 5-10). Even so…


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Human rights and culture: Incompatibilities

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights designed by the General Assembly of the United Nations organization is an ideal which men strive to attain.

Nevertheless, when one looks keenly at some of its articles, this declaration is incompatible with the fact that the entire human race is composed of diverse cultures and visions of the world.

In its first article: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with…


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Is this a book we should read and discuss?

Over on Dead Voles, Carl points us to a discussion on another site called "The Long Eighteenth Century." There the topic being discussed is Simon Gikandi’s Slavery and the Culture of Taste, a book that argues that the eighteenth century's obsession with creating a refined, autonomous, rational self was rooted in its opposite, the crude, submissive, sensuous other, the black African slave, whose labor also provided the wealth on which upper class bourgeois…


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The Heart at East Ceremony, May 21, 2013 -- Powerpoint Biographic Presentation

I am grateful to Dana Peleg for the translation from the Hebrew to the English, and to Ido Elkobi who prepared the powerpoint presentation for the Heart at East NGO coalition for cultural rights.

It's attached in PDF format.SmadarLavie_PresentationEn.pdf

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