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Popobawa is coming to Edinburgh!

Popobawa is a much-feared spirit who periodically terrorizes the inhabitants of Zanzibar (and coastal Tanzania), attacking and most notoriously sodomizing men and women as they lie in their beds at night. Victims are told to spread the word of their traumatic experiences or risk being visited and assaulted again. I'll therefore be making a rare public appearance to talk about Popobawa at the Centre of African Studies in the University of Edinburgh on Wednesday, 3rd February (Inshallah). For… Continue

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Fee Waiver PhD Scholarships - University of St Andrews.

We are offering fee waiver scholarships in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews.

These 3-year scholarships will be awarded in late April 2010 to PhD applicants

with outstanding research potential, to enable them to begin their research in

Social Anthropology at St Andrews from September 2010. We especially invite

applicants whose area of interest relates to… Continue

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KITLV journals - Igitur, Utrecht Publishing & Archiving Services

A very useful resource for anthropologists, these journals with free-access archive of past issues, .pdf format. The famous

Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde containing articles by Levi-Strauss, Needham, Geertz, Mintz, Prices and many others. Remember the debate between Levi-Strauss and David Maybury-Lewis on dual organization? Well, it is here


For people working in the… Continue

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Online Anthropology Newspaper

Fran Barone has recently unveiled our first step towards providing fast feeds for the latest posts here in the OAC Group Index. But the revolution in assembling and sorting relevant online information is gathering pace and anthropology is part of it. Kerim Friedman has just set up an online anthropology newspaper at Twitter Tim.es, as he explains in… Continue

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About me

I am full-time MA student at McGill University in Montreal, currently in the write-up phase of a dissertation on slum demolition and resettlement policy in Delhi, India. I previously attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (BA, Anthropology, 2008), and am a member of the AAA, SCA, and SHA, in addition to McGill's Centre for the Study of Society, Technology, and Development (STANDD).

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IDENTITY STUDIES - Call for papers for the Spring 2010 issue on secularization

Identity Studies is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal founded in the framework of the SCOPES (Swiss National Science Foundation) Project "Social Sciences in Changing Contexts: the Case of Georgia".

The first issue, published in 2009, contained materials dedicated to the re-thinking of the theory of nationalism, specifically in the context of Georgia (See:… Continue

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answer to Keith

thanks for your reply.

Ok for Jennifer, I understand now , in fact I was very surprised to receive this kind of mail on this anthropologic place to exchange ideas ..!

For your considerations upon cultural diversity of epistemologic issues, anyway I'm french, I have interest for american sociology, and more larger, about conceptual crossed bounds between philosophic anthropology ( Schutz) and european philososophy ( Husserl). I discovered recently with Sandra Laugier's work upon… Continue

Added by Catherine FELIX on January 5, 2010 at 5:10pm — 2 Comments

Applied Anthropology or a Sociological Experiment?

Not long ago I joined the OAC and asked for some guidance about how I could apply anthropology to my current profession as a corrections officer. I was given some very sound advice (Thanks to Keith Hart and John McCreery). I had before attempted to aid in and develop a restorative justice program, that to cut to the point was not very well accepted. So with guidance from two professionals mentioned I decided to focus on why it was not well accepted. Particularly, is the stereotype of the… Continue

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knowledge at work

first, a very good new year to OAC's members and pleasure with intellectual work !

Thanks to Jennifer who post a comment on my page but I don't still know how I can answer !! it doest work !!

Anyway some news from my preoccupations ..

I'm working on concrete knowledge in educationnal and formative settings for a communication in a congress in Geneve.

In France, a very recent book named " sociology of prfessions" de François Champy focalizing upon… Continue

Added by Catherine FELIX on January 1, 2010 at 4:06pm — 1 Comment

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