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On the move

I was once starting a flight from Paris to Chicago, two of my favourite cities. I put on the headset, but I was reading a magazine and didn't look at the screen. They were running the usual stuff -- sitcoms, news, sports. Suddenly I became aware that I was tapping my foot to the music. It was an ad, but my foot got going and I realised I was on my way to America, the land where the music moves forward. It was an American Airlines… Continue

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Communicating with ourselves: The Caribbean artist and his society -- Rex Nettleford, December 1985 address at the Guyana Prize for Literature Awards Ceremony

EXCERPT from the Address:

Leon Botstein, the young President of Bard College in New York recently wrote the following: …no one in America writes except from necessity. Our ease of movement and access to the telephone have made most of our exchanges not written but rather oral, distance notwithstanding. Good news is brought in person or by voice; bad news in writing. We tell someone we love them, and we write the proverbial ‘Dear John’ letter. Bills, warnings, eviction notices and… Continue

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Kant's Anthropology

Each of us embarks on a journey outward into the world and inward into the self. Society is mysterious to us because we have lived in it and it now dwells inside us at a level that is not ordinarily visible from the perspective of everyday life. All the places we have lived in are…

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Mintz on Haiti

Huon Wardle has posted a memoir by Sidney Mintz, Remembering Haiti: lessons from the field, on two Group threads devoted to that country, here and… Continue

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Starting a blog

"The distinctive feature of our age is that mankind as a whole is on the way to becoming fully conscious of itself." (C.L.R. James).

I saw a Nora Ephron movie the other night, about a young New Yorker who starts a foodie blog based on working her way through Julia Childs' French cook book, with Meryl Streep as Childs writing the book in Paris fifty years before. I realized that I had never done a blog in that sense,… Continue

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New regional leader in French Reunion Island wants to scrap ambitious museum project / read petition and sign up if that is how you feel

Dear all,

here is an 'emergency call' I received this morning. It is from the current director of the Museum of Civilisations and Reunion Unity, Francoise Verges. I have followed this project over the past couple of years (Reunion has been my fieldwork place since 1995) and, despite…


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"How would you define culture? "

"Culture is something that is all around us but hidden from sight."

"Culture is a visual symbol that represents an abstract idea; it is veiled in allegory yet illustrated in symbols..."

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Culture is essentially based on aesthetics, I think. If one has an idea

of the evolution of aesthetics as "categorical… Continue

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Session CFP: "Rethinking Pilgrimage, Seduction and Difference" for the conference, "Tourism and Seductions of Difference" (10-12 Sept. 2010, Lisbon)

Session CFP: Rethinking Pilgrimage, Seduction and Difference

Special session for the Conference, “Tourism and Seductions of Difference”



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AAA New Orleans

someone knows where can I find informations about specific call for papers for submission to the AAA 201 in New Orleans?
Thank you

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Iberian Congress of African Studies 2010 - Call for Papers "The suffering of migrants and refugees of/in Africa and their caregivers"

I would like to call for papers for a panel organized during the 7th Iberian Congress of African Studies which will take place from 9 to 11, September 2010 in Lisbon.

We welcome proposals in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

Proposals have to be made before 15 April via the online form at, not by email.

Here is the link for more information:… Continue

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The Meaning of Water

Hello everyone!

If you are interested in anthropology of water and the environment, come an join the RAI for a free event on the River Thames on March 20th. The event focuses on the connections between water, conservation and community. Through presentations, films and exhibitions, participants will explore the economic, political and cultural meanings of water and its impact on the lives of communities around the world.

For more information and to book your free place visit:… Continue

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