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Social Networks Decay Quickly - OAC?

On OAC Facebook, Keith Hart points us to Diego Basch's blog "Social Networks Implode Quickly" and asks if its conclusions apply to OAC? Here I will briefly summarize the argument and offer a few thoughts along the way.

Basch begins with the following points:
1) Metcalfe’s law. A social network…

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"Don't be a dick." How can that work?

Among my sources of information about the modern world is a free online newsletter called MediaDailyNews. This morning's edition featured a column by Bob Garfield, who for decades was the chief advertising critic for Advertising Age.  Garfield begins this piece, titled "Too Late to Relate?" with the following paragraphs.

There's this line I sometimes use in speeches, usually during the question-and-answer period. My presentations are about the ascendency of trust…


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Dogû, A Cosmos

“Dogû” is a Japanese term literally translatable as “clay figurines.” The following text is from the flyer advertising Dogû, a Cosmos, an exhibition at the Miho Museum in Shigaraki, Japan. The image that follows the text is from the exhibition flyer. It contains the original Japanese text as well as examples of the figurines in question. It may be worth noting that these figurines were first discovered in northeast Japan and attributed by their finder to…


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Home Again

Just at the moment, I am in deep information overload. 

Thursday, train to Kyoto, check in at station hotel, walk along a gorgeous back street along a stream to Gion, dinner with the Keieijinruigaku (Anthropology of Administration) bunch at Professor Hioki's favorite Kyoto home-cooking restaurant, great food and lots and lots and lots of sake.

Friday, we get up early enough to hike over to Toji (a Buddhist temple complex) and get…


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