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Multidisciplinary Research with Real-World Applications

I have just downloaded a free ebook published by Australian National University that addresses the topic identified in the subject of this post: Multidisciplinary research with real-world applications. I have not yet read it and do not promote it, my intention here is simply to note its existence, since some who read what appears on OAC may find it interesting. 

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Could it be time to rethink the social sciences altogether?

Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Network Science at Yale, asks why the social sciences remain divided by the same disciplinary boundaries while the natural sciences have abandoned some departments and replaced them with others, typically representing research made possible by new technologies. He suggests that it may be time to rethink the structure and applications of the social sciences overall.…


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Mapping Stereotypes

Bulgarian designer Yanko Tsvetkov has been traveling around Europe and creating maps in which the names of countries are replaced with stereotypes other Europeans have about them. I want to ask my European friends here, how accurate do you think these depictions of stereotypes are, as descriptions of the stereotypers, as descriptions of the stereotyped? 

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Strange Bedfellows

The Frankfort School at War is a thought provoking piece for anyone interested in the relation of social and cultural research to war and national security issues. Who among us would have imagined that such icons of the New Left as Herbert Marcuse and other…


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