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Ethnography Extended

The recent announcement of HAU, a journal, "which aims to situate ethnography as the prime heuristic of anthropology, and return it to the forefront of conceptual developments in the discipline" has led me to reflect on how ethnography became so central to the practice of, in particular, social and cultural anthropology. My starting point is a framework proposed by world…


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Enlightenment Anti-Imperialism

With a tip of the hat to Savage Minds, Andrew Galley and his philosopher friend, I direct your attention to

Muthu, Sankar. Enlightenment Against Empire. 2003.


Given the title and topic, I thought it might be of particular interest to Keith Hart and to others interested in Hart's Enlightenment-based critique of the current state of the…


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Am I a Tory Anarchist?

"Tory anarchist" is a phrase that George Orwell used to describe himself. I just discovered it in a New York Review of Books piece by Simon Leys that discusses Orwell's diaries. I read the following paragraphs and something in me responds, "Yes, my God, yes."


Orwell’s revulsion toward all “the smelly little orthodoxies that compete for our souls” also…


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伝承/伝統, Handing down vs Tradition

A long time ago I wrote a paper titled "The Parting of the Ways" about the transmission of Daoist magic. I wrote it because, trained in theory that assumes that ritual is, as the dictionaries put it, the repetition of set forms, I was startled to discover that a brother in the art performed a ritual that differed in many details from the model provided by our master. Today, I am translating an article for a new magazine, whose title signals its intention to revive…


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