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Article -- “Idiosyncracies of Place”: A Conversation with La Vaughn Belle [arcthemagazine.com]

A post which might be of interest to Caribbeanists -- St Croix - “Idiosyncracies of Place”: A Conversation with La Vaughn Belle. An excerpt and relevant url follow:

DK: You’ve said that you ‘re interested in “the provincial and the domestic”. What does this mean?

LVB: The provincial often has a negative connotation. People think of small towns, small islands, small mindedness. But…

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Article: "Sugar In The Blood: Andrea Stuart’s Barbadian Legacy" [TheWorld.org]

I just came across this piece, which might be of interest, excerpted below.


As Andrea Stuart writes in the current issue of Granta magazine, her Barbadian heritage is a complicated one. Stuart was born and raised on the Caribbean island, but in 1976, when she was a teenager, her family moved to England. She says her new home wasn’t especially welcoming to newcomers from the Caribbean —…


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Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism -- New book on BVI social history

My book on BVI social history, entitled "Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism: Social Transformations in the British Virgin Islands", released two weeks ago in eBook format for Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Apple iBook/iTunes readers, is now also available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both paperback and hardcover print editions.

Slavery, Smallholding and Tourism is a study in the political economy of development of the British…


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History of Antigua and Barbuda, West Indies: Digital Archive

I recently sought to re-connect with a fellow-anthropologist with whom I’d been out of touch for many years, indeed, since our days as graduate students.In the course of finding Dr Susan Lowes, currently Director of Research and

Evaluation at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College, Columbia University, via the wonders of the internet, I also encountered a digital archive of material that she has assembled on the history and culture of…


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Communicating with ourselves: The Caribbean artist and his society -- Rex Nettleford, December 1985 address at the Guyana Prize for Literature Awards Ceremony

EXCERPT from the Address:

Leon Botstein, the young President of Bard College in New York recently wrote the following: …no one in America writes except from necessity. Our ease of movement and access to the telephone have made most of our exchanges not written but rather oral, distance notwithstanding. Good news is brought in person or by voice; bad news in writing. We tell someone we love them, and we write the proverbial ‘Dear John’ letter. Bills, warnings, eviction notices and… Continue

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