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Ethnic identity as natural phenomenon

Anthropologist and statistician S.M. Shirokogoroff in 1930s made an attempt to understand ethnic identity as an object of natural sciences ( incl funct anthropology ). He uses elementary equations of statistical thermodynamic in order to describe ethnogenesis as processes of statistical self-organization. In contrast, today social anthropologists and governments behave like they already had found complete proof of theorem on social nature of ethnic identity and all counterexamples are…


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Allende's Zorro

Allende's "Zorro"

(a found poem)

Mi Dios, the creator of "the infinite plan",

What have I owed--para este mundo vacío?

What is left of my love, my "Eva Luna",

Is her "portrait in sepia"--es tan doloroso.

"Maya's notebook" is all I have of my child, 

My poor "daughter of fortune"--mi vida perdida.

What remains…


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How would you rate the Proctontologist?

Yesterday, in a comment on the Lee Drummond forever thread, I posted the following quote from proctontologist.weebly.com:

“Ontologicality is a proctology, but only if you allow for the proctological to speak its ontologicality. Ontology is just a set of assumptions postulated by the anthropologist for analytical purposes. Indeed, it is well worth pointing out that such an exercise in conceptual creativity needn’t be territorialized with reference to any…


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Ritual, Liminality, and Social Facts

I have recently been engaged on LinkedIn with Jonathan Cook, who is writing a book about ritual in the advertising business. It has been a delightful conversation, with a lot of productive to and fro, but yesterday Jonathan wrote something that I strongly disagreed with. In responding to him, several different arguments that I have been thinking about for years suddenly clicked into place. Here is what I wrote. I will be happy if it proves useful to someone who reads it, ecstatic if they reply… Continue

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This is a quick response to Troillot.

Two in one day. Sadly this has been sitting elsewhere and isn't long or necessarily ground shattering or that engaging.

Responses to Global Transformations by Troillot pg35

Troillot mentions democracy, development, progress, and the nation-state as terms that do not describe but are packages for idealism ("North Atlantic universals"). While I agree with the first three, I disagree with the last one. I would argue that nationalism and patriotism might be 'North Atlantic…


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Books: Lanugage, Globalization, Gender, Oh My . . .

It has been about . . . a year since I have been on here (I think)? I meant to be posting my thoughts, especially regarding the Sociolinguistics of Globalization, but it didn't happen.* Currently wading into Global Transformations by Troillot, and while I appreciate it is a bit slow to get into the really gritty details. Feels sort of like a course on anthropological theory, though I am only on Chapter 2.

However, another great read, especially if you are looking at gender is "Men…


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Meditation on culture


Here is a short essay written from me a couple months ago, originally in Albanian which is also my mother language, for a cultural magazine which kindly refused it’s publication due it’s ‘complicated nature’. I sometimes busy myself translating prose from English to Albanian but this is my first time doing the opposite. I would like to share it with you.


‘There is nothing permanent except change’



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