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What is value? What is money?

It occurs to me that some here might be interested in the following item from Edge.



A Conversation with Cesar Hidalgo

Edge Video (44-Minutes)

"We have always had this tension of understanding the world, at small spatial scales or individual scales, and large macro scales. In the past when we looked at macro scales, at least when it comes to many social phenomena, we…


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Germaine Tillion (1907-2008) on the method of the human sciences

An unpublished essay in French, "To live in order to understand", by Germaine Tillion (1907-2008) from Le Monde Diplomatique, August 2009. Preface by Tsvetan Todorov. An ethnographer of North Africa and historian, she joined the resistance in WW2 and was put in a concentration camp; she intervened against the Algerian genocide. Here she lays out a powerful and moving case for a humane methodology…


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Foreword for General Business Anthropology (1st Edition) By Alf Walle

Foreword for General Business Anthropology (1st Edition)

By Alf Walle

Anthropology is a discipline that over the last hundred or so years has developed a wide array of qualitative techniques for understanding people and their behavior.  Although its toolkit is broad, flexible, and illuminating,  for many years, these analytic methods suffered as second class citizens within the business disciplines because research tastes…


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Anthropology of Sadness

I have been writing sad poems lately, and the sadness is not mine, but from the people I see and know.  I wonder how would an anthropologist write about sadness.  It is easy for a poet to be emotional since logic is not the foundation of poetry.  Can an anthropologist rely on his emotion about someone's feelings or sadness?  Since anthropology is a science, should logic supersede emotion?  I just don't think anyone can write about someone's sadness without empathy or sympathetic feelings.  I…


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Free online class in Epidemiology

I found a free online class that's being offered by the EdX University.
Here's the link to the class: PH207x: Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research

The class is open to the public and you receive a certificate of completion at the end. This time it will be offered by HarvardX by to professors from the Harvard School of Public Health. 

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PDF: Investigating sex trafficking and HIV vulnerability among female sex workers along the Mexico-US border

Sharing and article on Sex-trafficking and HIV risk, in the Tijuana-San Diego border. Enjoy.

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Actor Network Theory - Relevance for Anthropology

In my recent 'fieldwork' I stumbled upon a couple of incidences where it occurred to me that actually the agency of things plays a crucial role. Just as Woody Allen expressed in the conference for his latest movie 'To Rome with Love' cities for example often have agency themselves. 

In my personal example it is the importance of cups, dogs, signs or possibly crouches for the beggar. They 'mark' him as a beggar and signify his neediness. Without those 'signs' he is hardly recognizable…


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Final Abstract for Dissertation

Knowledge For the Public Good: Learning Territoriality and Resource Management in Fisheries


Fishing is one of the most globalised work practices in the world, yet its form and execution varies greatly across cultural contexts. Learning to fish is often accomplished through “situated learning” in communities, which occurs both on the boat and through conversation with other fishers. However, the inculcation of skill and strategy is also…


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The Goal of a Human Economy—What is the Good Life?

What is a human economy? One suggestion that appeals to me is an economy that offers every child the opportunity to live what he or she comes to consider a good life, a life that combines simple pleasures and meaningful fulfillment of some larger purpose. Of course, however, not everyone sees the good life in similar terms, and what I take to be simple pleasures and meaningful fulfillment may be quite different from what someone else prefers. Anthropologically speaking, the possibility that…


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Anthropologizing Prehistory: Mutual Trust to Mutual Distrust in Exchange

While writing my last blog post, Losing To Win, I felt my assertions were somewhat vague and lacking in substance. Even though I hate copying and pasting citations and passages in quotations, I always try to find papers or books I can cite to support my views in case push comes to shove.  I hate when someone accuses me of relying on my opinions and irresponsibly passing them around as facts.

So, I…


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Card Game based on Malinowski's Work

Hi OACers,

I am Jesse Harasta, a grad student in cultural anthropology at Syracuse University and the owner of a business called Westcott Books and Games.  I've been trying to fuse my love of games and my desire to teach anthropological concepts for some time and the product is a card game I call "Yams!" that I am releasing on a website called Kickstarter.  One of my colleagues at SU suggested that…


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Alien Phenomenology

Those of us who enjoyed the OAC seminar on Martin Holbraad's "Can the Thing Speak?" or have been intrigued by recent discussions of ontology or Latour will also be interested in this Design Observer interview with Ian Bogost, the author of …


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Women who Glow in the Dark and a New Mexican-Turkish Axis

So, I have recently returned from a conference/summer school on Meso-American traditional healing practices at the University of New Mexico. The participants were an interesting mix of academics and practitioners with the slant towards a general audience amongst the presenters.I am hoping to continue connecting to the scholars at the program, which is repeated every summer in Albuquerque.I gave a couple of short presentations on popular beliefs and healing practices in Turkish culture. Its…


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Losing To Win

The worst of Asian values was on display at the Olympics in London, and I was embarrassed.  Eight female badminton players from China, Korea, and Indonesia tried to lose their games, so they would reserve their energy, have good positions in the next round, avoid matches against other players from their countries, or secure sure wins or medals.  It was painful to watch not because their games did not excite me but because of how "losing to win," a game strategy that, I believe, exists all…


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Call for Papers: The International Conference on Anthropological Applications in Management and Marketing

Updated CFPs Anthropological Applications in Management and Marketing Tentative


In order to promote phenomenon-driven study on management and marketing research in the Chinese context, the Business School at Eastern China University of Science and Technology will host The International Conference on Anthropological Concern and Local Knowledge Construction: Applications in Indigenous Management and…


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Where else in the world?

This morning, the  Asahi (the most liberal of Japan's three major daily papers)'s  Vox Populi, Vox Dei column tells me that its August and the 50th anniversaries of the deaths of several prominent people are coming up: American movie star Marilyn Monroe on the 5th, Japanese folklorist Yanagita Kunio on the 8th, and German author Herman Hesse on the 9th. Where else in the world would you find a list like this?

Come to think of it that is a serious question. I don't know the answer.…


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