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The Journal of Humanities, a new online journal from Tanzania

The first issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Humanities, a new open access journal, edited by Ahmad Kipacha in the University of Dodoma, Tanzania, is now online (click on the journal title). A second issue of this trilingual journal is currently in preparation and it is hoped will be ready before the end of the year.

Contents of Vol. 1, No. 1, 2009:

A Note on a… Continue

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Chiang Mai

‘Bloody hell, am I glad to see you, brother.’ Gene shook my hand hard and patted my back and straight away began talking in long reverberating sentences about how great it was to see his old reliable mate. He gushed with the type of enthusiasm I hadn’t heard since campus days. I grabbed my pack from under the bus. I felt ten feet tall.

‘Let’s cut out of here, what’s the time, quarter past twelve, okay, I said to this German guy I’d meet him for lunch but that was before you called. You… Continue

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Submit Your Film Now!

Feature Documentary

Feature Documentaries with a total running time from 61 - 180 minutes. (All films in a language other than English require English subtitles)

Documentary Short

Short Documentaries with a total running time between 4 and 30 minutes. (All films… Continue

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Loose thoughts

Instead of explaining my whole reserch I will just point some thoughts that pass through my head (it can be really tiring writing all over again about one´s themes).

Right now I am thinking if anti-semitism in 19th century Europe isn´t very deeply rooted in judeo-christian cosmology. The trend amongst reserchers/scholars is to differentiate rather sharply between the medieval anti-judaism and modern anti-semitism. Although there are obviously important differences, I ask myself if… Continue

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Theory & Practice of Ethnography: Readings from the Periphery-New Book

Theory & Practice of Ethnography: Readings from the Periphery Edited by Eswarappa Kasi and Ramesh C. Malik (2009). Jaipur: Rawat Publications: ISBN 81-316-0306-7, 356 pages; Rs. 950.

Theory and Practice of Ethnography is an anthology of research papers contributed by illustrious scholars both from India and abroad. It accentuates theoretical and empirical layout of the Ethnography, language, Literature, Culture, Rethinking History and Social Development. Ethnography is highly… Continue

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In the group ANTHROPOLOGY OF HABITAT AND ARCHITECTURE set up by Nold Egenter there is a new discussion opened. Its title is:


- Homo Territorialis -


The architecturally demarcated environment as basic factor of cultural evolution


It has the following… Continue

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Systems: an extended glance at the obvious. Part I

Which among these three human artifacts is best described as a system: a hunting net, a shoe, or a gasoline powered motor? I think many of us are inclined to answer the third as being the most system-like. Why?

When one is asked to give prototypical examples of some concept, it is natural enough that we choose those examples with which we are familiar. When we think about a concept we often do so with these prototypical examples in mind. This entails a kind of ethnocentric coloring… Continue

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International InterCultural Communications - What would be your Seminar Proposals?

Cultural Anthropolgy studies the central social character of culture and civilizations - both past and present. Yet in the area of human connectiveness which is essential to the development of human society the present contemporary aspect of International InterCultural Communication [ I.I.C. ] in the present advances in social sciences are now causing younger - who are aware of this I.I.C. Process - professional Anthropologist to redeveloped their historic thinking of cultural… Continue

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Engineered Objects, Systems, and State Spaces

Some anthropologists are uncomfortable with describing human-environment interactions in the language of systems. The concern seems to be that human-environment interactions don't work, in some fundamental way, like computers, engines, or other proto-typically designed things. These interactions are held to be too complex, too non-linear, too open for the systems metaphor to be appropriate, or at least useful. For my part, I think that the concept of a system is entailed by any… Continue

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In a way of Introduction

Just very briefly this time:

My main research and teaching interests lie in anthropology of health, illness and mental distress. Have done participant observation among service users in Latvia since 2002.

More on my webpage

Further inquiries are welcome!

Added by Agita Luse on November 11, 2009 at 9:39pm — 1 Comment

differences in sexual culture question...

sometime this week i started reading articles about differences in the way cultures approach the idea of sex. then i started to question the obvious differences. what do you think the major differences in sexual culture among larger global societies [for example, European values vs. US values], urban sexuality, globalization and sexuality?

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Some thoughts on intelligence and culture as constraint and resource

Maybe a year or more ago, in another context, John McCreery wrote:

As an anthropologist I both feel attracted to describing culture as “the panoply of resources that show that a place is unique and distinctive” and also aware that attaching culture to place may be too limiting. Consider diasporas, for example, or pop culture worlds like those of gamers or musicians that spill across the boundaries and distances that separate geographical spaces.

What strikes me most,…

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Call for Interest: antropologia médica/da saúde-Portugal

Diferentes investigadores (estudantes em M.A., doutorandos, post-doc, docentes, professores...) em/de Portugal que trabalham no campo da antropologia médica, antropologia da saúde ou da doença ou sobre outros tópicos e áreas relacionados à saúde (a religião, a morte, os espaços humanitários, as migrações...).

Para conhecer melhor o que se faz neste campo, e quem, convidamos a todos para uma reunião no dia 3 de Dezembro. A reunião será na sala 340, no ISCTE, Avenida das Forças Armadas,… Continue

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